sucidal teen

it is katelyns first day of highschool after the big move she trying to lay low at her new friends but wether she wants to or not she makes friends even though shes depressed. maybe shell find love next.


2. class

when I started to get up to hand my work to the teacher I noticed I was the only one done. When I got his desk I put my paper down. Wow, Miss roman done already? Yes sir I said I was itching to get back to my seat I hated being the spotlight of attention. Once I got back to my seat I felt secure again. Next to me was a guy with really long blonde hair he seemed to be calling me. Hey nerd can you give me the answer to number 3? he said. I scoffed and continued doodling on my notebook. Later I had walked by a group of girls and heard them talking about him his name was Johnny. Last time I sit next to that looser. As I was making my way down the hallways I see this girl really preppy girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes she seemed to be on the heavy side so I couldn't see why every guy was fluttering over her I could practically see the drool. I guess I was staring to hard because when she noticed me she gave me a look of disgust. I just hurried on to my next class history with Mr. Felipe. Luckily his class was easy to find. When I walked into class I gave him my schedule perusal since I was in all honors classes he told me to take a seat in the back so I did. Hello class you guys are lucky because today we are going to watch a history movie. He said take notes but I da already seen this movie last year and took notes on it so I put in my headphones and started to fall asleep. Next thing I know someone Is tapping me telling me the bell has rang I must have slept longer than I thought. I packed up all my stuff and made my way to lunch.
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