1. The Fault in Our Society

We live in a country where there is a stigma towards diversity.

Where stereotypes run ramant within every political system, as every politician assures you with a dazzling smile that acceptance is the basis of our government.

"This is not a war against Muslims."

But walk into an airport as an Arab, and you are subjected to those "random" searches by airport security.

We claim that racism is no longer prevalent 

But walk down the streets of New York City as an African American or Hispanic and you're forced to endure "stop-and-frisk".

Not all Muslims are terrorists; not all African Americans or Hispanics are malicious criminals

Just like not all caucasians are God-loving saints working towards a better tomorrow.


In our country, all people are endowed "certain unalienable rights" including "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Unless you're gay, of course.

Because our preconceived ideas of what is morally right and wrong tell us that you are lesser.

Because allowing you the happiness accompanying the opportunity to legally marry in all 50 states would threaten the happiness and well-being of the rest of the country.

Because loving who you do goes against our religions, beliefs, and completely undermines the sanctity of marriage itself.



"All men are created equal" here in the United States


Although authority figures insist that today we replace men with "people".

So the wage gap between men and women makes perfect sense, the stereotypes and roles forced on both genders completely logical.

And in music, TV shows, movies, oversexualizing women to the point where they are nothing more than objects is morally sound.


We are a people obsessed with looks, living in an ever-growing size-zero culture,

Endorsing skeleton models on the runways,

Starving our minds and bodies in the quest to achieve the unattainable.


The poison that is social media runs through the veins of our youth,

its venom killing off empathy, kindness.

Insults and ridicule typed in cowardice behind a computer screen have the power to end lives.

Depression is glamorized, suicide romanticized.


We are a country playing problem solver in foreign affairs 

When in reality, we are drowning in our own faults. 

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