My 10 Reasons


1. The Escape

Clare's POV

"STAY" he said and left, turning the security cameras on front and back. I had been locked up in my fosters dad, let's say foster stranger's house for months which felt like years. He left to get food while I ran away. The cameras going off behind me. At this point, I could care less... OW! Tripped on the lace of my shoes! I ran at least tried to with my scrapped knee and ran to a street full of rich people or whatever. I went to this vacant house, lonely and sad, and all these things flying through my head as I sat in the vacant houses' bedroom " Die. Your Stupid. Why are you here? Just Leave!" I couldn't take whatever this was anymore. I wrapped myself up into and ball and cried. Why Me?

Louis's POV

"Mom, leave me alone" I said. She kept on getting on top of me about my life and career and ugh! "I'm trying to guide you in the right direction sweetie.." Mom said, " And One Direction is not it." Ugh, I need some air, I'll be back." I turned to say goodbye and then walked by the old vacant house when I heard crying. I was curious so I followed the sound to see the most prettiest girl in the entire world.

Clare's POV

My crying followed by footsteps, what my foster dad did to me was so horrifying and terrible, be in my shoes and wait.. HE FOUND ME!! "What do you want from me, what did I do wrong, leave me be!" I cried. "No, please don't cry. I'm Louis and I won't hurt you. Can I ask why you might be in here?" He asked, coming closer to me. I was so terrified, so I just closed my eyes and reopened them. "You won't hurt me?" I asked in relief. "Of course not, I'm here to protect you. What your name?" Louis said. "C- C- Clare.... OW!" I stated. "That's a beautiful name, let me take you to my home and get you fixed up, looks like your scrapped your knee." He picked me up bridal style, I didn't feel safe although it kind of made me feel good because he cared.

He carried me a couple houses down until I got to his gorgeous mansion house. "You live here?" I asked with shock. "Yeah I do" he chuckled a bit. We got in the house. "Who is this!" A woman asked. "This is a friend of mine that I found, Clare. I need to fix her knee and she will be spending the night." He said. He said what, me staying here? I couldn't. "Well okay." The woman said, I'm assuming his mom. He took me to his room with what it looked like a queen sized bed. "You will be staying in my room if that's okay" I nodded yes. He sat me on the sink counter and cleaned up my knee, finishing it up with a bandage. "That's what I call doctor work." He said proudly, I giggled. He looked at me and kissed me on my cheek. "I'm going to sleep in the living room since it is late and you need your rest." Louis said as he picked me up and set me down. "No, stay.." I was kind of nervous because 1. I didn't know a thing about him except he and his family are rich and his name is Louis and 2. I didn't want him to a guess torture me? At least that was what my foster dad did or whatever but Louis felt.. Normal. "Okay, well I'm just going to change." He came back with shorts and no shirt while I change into my pjs and got a pillow and slept in the floor," Please, if your going to sleep on the floor let me sleep in the living room." Louis insisted. "Well I guess I could sleep on the bed." I slept facing him "20 questions?" He asked. "Sure." And with that we fell asleep.

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