Looking from afar

Sarah has always been a nobody. She does well in school and she has a bunch of friends. Sarah is happy about her life, but nobody knows her in school. There is only one person Sarah wished would notice her. And that was Matt. Will Sarah always be watching from far away or will she find the courage to make something happen?


9. weekend

Sarah's POV

Today was the day of the double date. I was dreading it since I agreed to go. I straightened my hair and put on light jeans, a snowflake sweater and black bow Uggs. I ran as fast as I could with crutches out the door grabbing my dark blue North Face on the way out. I hopped into Yash's brother's car and sat in silence all the way to the movies. We went to see Mocking jay. I loved that movie so I was really excited. After we got our popcorn and drinks we went to find a seat. Yash and Isabella sat in front of Kenny and I. I loved the movie but the whole time Kenny kept trying to hold my hand.

After the movie, we went to the pizza place next door. I sat next to Isabella and Yash sat next to Kenny. Isabella kept looking at Yash smiling and blushing, which leaves me to believe that something happened during the movie.

"So.." I said to break the silence. "Who liked the movie?"

"I loved it." Isabella said."I have been wanting to see it for weeks."

"I'm so glad I could take you then." Yash said.

Kenny opened his mouth to talk but I sent him a look telling him to shut up. After another 10 minutes of silence Kenny started kicking me. I ignored him until he started staring. Then I got uncomfortable. Then he looked down for a minute but when he looked up, my phone vibrated. I looked down to find that it was a text from Kenny. It read 'I really want to kiss you right now;]' 

I grabbed Isabella's hand. "Excuse us for a second." I said hoping away not bothering to grab my crutches. I pulled us outside. "When can we go?" I asked.

"Why aren't you having fun." She asked.

"You're forgetting that I HATE KENNY! and that he likes me." I yelled at her. "Look at what he sent me." I said showing her the text.

"Okay hold on a sec." She said taking out her phone. A second later Yash comes out. "Sarah doesn't want to stay." She told him.

"Why?" He asked me. 

"Because Kenny disgusts me and look at what he sent me." I said showing him the text too.

He sighed and said, "Fine, I'll call my brother an d see if he can pick us up."

"Thanks Yash." Isabella said. 

She turned to go back in after Yash but I grabbed her wrist. "So what happened during the movie?"

"What do you mean?" She asked trying to hide something.

"You know what I mean. You're acting so different around Yash." I said trying to get her to tell me.

"Okay I'll tell you." She paused squealing in joy. "He kissed me and asked me to be his girlfriend."
"O my god!" I yelled drawing the attention of other people, but I didn't care. We started squealing and jumping up and down. After 5 minutes we calmed down and went back inside.

"Well that took a while." Yash joked.

We started talking about random things until Yash's brother came to pick us up. In the car, I sat in the front and everyone else sat in the back. Yash and Isabella talked about random things while Kenny looked out the window. I was on my phone texting my cousins. Samantha said something funny and I started cracking up. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. i looked down at my phone embarrassed. Finally I got home. That was officially the worst double date I've ever been on. Not that I've been on any before.       

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