Looking from afar

Sarah has always been a nobody. She does well in school and she has a bunch of friends. Sarah is happy about her life, but nobody knows her in school. There is only one person Sarah wished would notice her. And that was Matt. Will Sarah always be watching from far away or will she find the courage to make something happen?


11. Project Part 2

*I'm changing Kenny's name to Ken so don't get confused*

Matt's Pov

I walked upstairs to Sarah's room and knocked on the door. Obviously she couldn't hear me because the music was to loud so I walked in. I stood in the doorway watching her sing and dance to Fireproof by One Direction. When the song was over Half a Heart came on. I picked up her phone and paused the music. "Hey! That was my favorite!" She yelled turning around. She started blushing after realized that it was me.

"That was terrible dancing." I told her. "But the singing was pretty good."

"Well now I know not to sing in public and to definitely dance in public."

"But I just said that yo were a good singer and a terrible dancer." I said confused.

"Exactly my point. I should never trust you." She said like it made perfect sense.

"Well that's mean." I said pretending to be offended.

"Oh I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings?" She asked laughing.

"As a matter of fact you did." I said pretending to cry.

"Do you need a hug?" She asked pretending to be sad.

"I think I do." I said walking over to her with my arms out. I felt her heart pounding. 

"Does that make you feel better." She mocked.

"Yes as a matter of fact it did." I said and she blushed. "So are we going to get to work, or am I going to have to watch you dance again?" I joked.

"I feel very offended by that." She joked as we walked downstairs. 

Sarah's POV

I walked downstairs with Matt close behind. I was actually starting to be okay with hanging out with him. I wasn't that nervous about being around him anymore. "So I'll work on the baking soda ones and you can work on the baking powder." I said I walked over to put on music.

After a couple of minutes of silence I broke it. "So. How's life." I asked awkwardly. 

"It's good. How's yours?" He asked me.

"Fine." I said. I opened my mouth to say something when he got a text. He looked down and sighed. "What is it?" I asked. "If you want to tell me."

"It's my girlfrie- sorry I mean ex girlfriend. She want to talk." He said.

"Oh." I said slightly disappointed. "Who was your girlfriend?" I ask.

"Kayla Stug." He said.

"She was my best friend in kindergarten." I say. "I was thinking of calling her the other day."

"Well I wouldn't." He sighed.

"Why?" I ask confused.

"Well she thinks that you're the reason we broke up."

"Oh." I say quietly. "Well what was the reason you broke up. If you don't mind me asking."

"No it's fine." He paused. "I just felt like we needed a break." He paused again. "And I meet someone else." He said looking at me for a second.

"Oh." I whisper disappointed. We stood in silence for a couple of minutes. 

"Anyway." He said scaring me. "I'm moving." Which surprised me but soon realized what he said. I fought the urge to cry. Just as I was getting close to him he had to move.

Matt's POV

"Anyway" I said breaking the silence. "I'm moving." I looked over at Sarah to see her looking shocked. A second later she looked so upset. I even saw tears in her eyes but she was trying to hold them back.

"To where?" She asked trying to keep from crying.

"Next door." I told her. I looked over to find a tear slip down her cheek. "What's wrong?" I asked concerned.

"Nothing." She said pausing for a second. "Wait what!" She yelled.

I started cracking up at her reaction. She was the only person that could make me laugh like this without trying. "You heard me." I said still laughing. "I'm moving next door to you."

She started jumping up and down. "Finally! Someone my age lives on my block!"

"But doesn't Madison, Maddie, MeiLe Alex and Claire live on your block?" I ask.

She looks at me."I meant someone I actually like. Besides MeiLe."

"Well that's offensive. Alex is my friend."

"We'll I'm sorry you have such bad taste in friends." She said.

"Well then I guess you're not a good person since I picked you as a friend."

"Toshay." She said giving me a 'you-win-this-round' look. "I didn't know you considered me as a friend." She said looking so surprised.

"Of course you are!" I say surprised that she wouldn't think that. "By the way, I'm moving in tomorrow afternoon if you want to help me unpack my room." I open my mouth to say something else. when the oven dings.

"The oven's ready." She says as she puts her cookies in the oven and grabbing mine.

"No really. I thought it just got a text." I joke making Sarah crack up almost dropping the cookies making me laugh. We were done making all the batters so she set her timer and we walked into the family room. "What are we going to do now?" I ask.

"How about a movie." She says.

"Fine." I sigh. She walks over to the TV and turns it on. Just then her sister walks in. 

"Amelia, this is Matt. We're working on our science project together." She said

"What are you doing?" She asks completely ignoring what Sarah said. 

"We're watching a movie." Sarah says.

"Well can I join you?" She asked.

Sarah looked at me and then at her sister. "Sure but only if you finish putting our project in the oven and taking it out."

"Well it was nice meeting you." She said to me. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some things to do." She said walking out of the room. 

I looked over at Sarah and we burst out laughing. "So what movie are we watching?" I asked once the laughter stopped. 

"I don't know what do you want to watch?" She asked.

Once I picked out a movie we sat down with popcorn to watch. About halfway through the movie I heard Sarah's phone beep. She picked it up and looked down. All of a sudden she started looking around nervously. I felt her heart beating faster and faster.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried.

"Nothing." She lied. I let it go. If she wanted to tell me she would have.

Sarah's POV

During the movie I got a text. I picked up my phone and looked down at my phone. 'That better not be your boyfriend. -Z' Zayn. I thought he had a restraining order after what happened last time.

I responded. 'How did you get my number and how do u know what I'm doing?'

'I know everything baby. He responded

'I'm not your baby.'

'Are you sure. The last time we saw each other you couldn't stand to be away from me.'

'Just leave me alone. And no, he's not my boyfriend.'

'I'll leave you alone. For now'  And that was it. I didn't get anything else from him.

I looked up from my phone to see Matt looking down at me. "What?" I asked.

"Are you sure nothings wrong?" He asked protectively. I really didn't want to get him involved so I said, "Yes. Why wouldn't it be."

"Well you seemed, scared." He said.

"Well I wasn't." I snapped suddenly becoming very offended that he didn't believe me.

"Okay. I'm sorry."

After another hour, we finished the movie and our project.Then Matt got a text. He looked over at me panicked then quickly looked away. I suddenly had a really bad feeling.


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