Looking from afar

Sarah has always been a nobody. She does well in school and she has a bunch of friends. Sarah is happy about her life, but nobody knows her in school. There is only one person Sarah wished would notice her. And that was Matt. Will Sarah always be watching from far away or will she find the courage to make something happen?


5. Lunch

Sarah's POV



"You've been staring off into space for the past five minutes." My friend Isabella said.

"Oh sorry." I apologized. "I was just thinking about something."

"And what were you thinking about?" Trisha asked.

I responded with, "Noooothing." I looked over at my friend Isabella and saw her mouth, 'She's hiding something.'

"No I'm not!" I wined back.

All of a sudden I saw him. Matt was standing in the doorway of the cafeteria talking to Kenny, one of his friends. I stared staring at him. Ashley caught on that I was staring at something so she looked over and saw what I was staring at.

"Ooooooo" She taunted. "Sarah has a crush!"

"I do not!" I shouted back.

She replied with, "Well then why were you staring at him?"

"I wasn't. I was staring behind him." I lied. I was so worried that they would figure it out. I could feel the heat rising to my face.

"She's blushing!" Trisha shouted drawing to attention of the people around us causing me to blush even more.

Embarrassed I hissed at her, "Trisha! Shut up."

I looked over to see Matt staring at me. I spun around and and hissed to Abby, who was sitting next to me, "He's staring at me!" She was the only one who I trusted with this big of a secret. 

Abby spun around too. "He might just be staring at something behind you." She reassured me because there was no way he was staring at me.

"Are you sure?" 

"Yes I'm sure!" She hissed at me.

We both spun back around to find the girls staring at us. "What?" I asked.

"What were you talking about?" Isabella questioned suspiciously.

I opened my mouth to answer when the bell rang. I was so happy I didn't have to tell them. "I'll text you later." I told them as I walked away with Abby.


Sarah's POV

Next period I had science. With Matt. I hated having science because Matt and I were lab partners. I wasn't that good in science but I wanted Matt to know I was really smart, so I worked as hard as I could. 

"Okay class, today we are working on our science fair projects. You will be working with your lab partner on this project. I will be handing out packets on when it's due. Meanwhile you will be brainstorming your project." our teacher Mr.Dyher told us.

I look over at Abby for help. She just shrugged her shoulders. I turn back towards Matt to start brainstorming. "So what were you thinking of doing for our project?" I ask him.

He just shrugged. "Since you are so good in science, I was thinking you could figure it out and then we can work on the project together."

I was okay with that because I had already had some ideas. "Okay, maybe we could do something with food." I started. 

"We could bake things and the change ingredients to see the result." Matt added.

I stared at him shocked. "What?" He asked.

"I'm sorry it's just that I was thinking that exact same thing and I was just surprised that you thought of it too. No offence." I told him.

Just then the bell rang. Matt said nothing as he took out a small piece of paper and wrote something on it. As he got up and handed me the paper and said, "Here's my number, call me when we can work on our project." Then he walked out. I stood there for a minute paralyzed with joy until Isabella came up to me. "What are you still doing here? You're going to be late for your next class." She said. 

"Oh. Sorry. I was just leaving."I told her. I walked out overjoyed that I got Matt's number.





Thank you so much for reading my story. I'll try to update more often. I hope you like it. - Fan_Fic_Gal

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