Looking from afar

Sarah has always been a nobody. She does well in school and she has a bunch of friends. Sarah is happy about her life, but nobody knows her in school. There is only one person Sarah wished would notice her. And that was Matt. Will Sarah always be watching from far away or will she find the courage to make something happen?


7. Drama at School

Kenny's POV

When I walked into school I saw her. Sarah. She was so beautiful. I walked over to her. "Hey hot stuff." I said as I slammed her locker closed.

She just ignored me and picked up her bag. I noticed her hair was stuck in her locker but I didn't mention it. She turned to walk away but stopped suddenly when her hair was pulled. I laughed and walked over to her. "Cat's got you tongue?" She turned away and opened her locker to get her hair out. "Will you go on a date with me?" I asked.

She turned to look at me. "Are you kidding me. Can you not take a hint. I don't like you so just go away and leave me alone."

I saw Matt coming up from behind her. "Is there a problem here?" he asked. I looked over at Sarah and saw her staring at him.

"No." She said. "I was just leaving."

I watched her walk away then turned to Matt. "Dude she totally likes you." I told him.

"Yeah well I have a girlfriend." He replied looking after her.

"Hey. Why are you messing up my plan to get Sarah to be my girlfriend. You've never done it before."

"I have to go." He said walking away.

"Hey! Don't walk away from me. I asked you something!" I yelled after him running the direction he went. When I found him I slammed him up against the lockers. I don't know what made me do it but I continued. I started punching him. Finally he managed to push me away. By then a crowd had formed and Sarah was among them.

"What's your problem ?" He yelled at me.

"My problem is you! Why are you trying to turn my girl against me?"

"I'm not doing anything. Your the one that's turning her against you. You don't need any help with that."

I slammed him up against the lockers and punched him over and over. Finally I saw Sarah break away from the crowd. "Stop it." She yelled.

I pushed her aside not realizing how much force I used. She fell to the floor tripping over my bag crying out in pain. I saw her friend running out to help her. I stopped fighting and went over to help her.

"Get away from me. This is your fault. I never liked you in the first place so just give up!" She yelled at me. She tried getting up but screamed and fell back down. Matt ran over to help and picked her up to bring her to the nurse. I was fuming with rage. I picked up my backpack and walk away.

Sarah's POV

All I felt was pain shooting up my leg as I was carried to the nurse. I didn't even realize who was bringing me there until I was put down and I wiped some tears away. Then I freaked out. the nurse called my parents but none of then could come bring me to the hospital. 

"My mom could bring her." Matt said suddenly.

"Thank you for offering. Could you by any chance go with her." The nurse said.

"Sure" Matt agreed and called his mom.

When I got to the hospital I went in for x-rays. I had broken my leg and I needed crutches. I went home after that. I had to come home the next day to get surgery and a cast. Right now I just had a brace. Matt felt guilty that it was his fault so he stayed with me until my mom came home, which I was very happy about.

The next day Matt came over again with my homework and some things for our science fair project and we worked in it for a a half hour.

On Thursday I went back to school. As I walked in I was attacked by my friends asking me what happened. Abby helped me with my bag and I told all my friends in homeroom.

"Hey." Someone said and I jumped. I looked behind me to find Matt sitting there. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Good" I replied shakily still really shocked he would still talk to me.

"Are you free this weekend? I was wondering if we could work on our science fair project then."

"Yeah I'm pretty sure I am. I'll text you tonight and tell you."

Just then the bell rang.

*skip to lunch*

"I still don't know what you see in him." I told Isabella while she was staring at Yash. 

"He's so cute and nice. He's just perfect." She replied dreamily. "I don't know why he doesn't just ask me out already. I know he likes me."

Then she flips out and looks away. "He just looked at me!" She hissed. 

"Well maybe you should go talk to him." I suggested. 

"Are you crazy! I could never do that!"

"Fine then don't do it." Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulders and I jumped. I turned around to see Matt standing there laughing at me. I looked at him blushing. 

"Are we still on for Friday?" He asked.

"Yup I just need to check with my mom."

"K. Call me later to conferm." 

"Kk." I said as he walked away. I stared after him as he walked back to his seat.

"Ohhhhh. What was that about?" Isabella asked as she caught on that I was staring.

"We are working on our science fair project." I told her.

"I wish I was working on my science fair project with my crush." She said 

"He's not my crush!"

"Whatever you say." She said raising an eyebrow.

Suddenly Trisha came and sat down. "Hey what are we talking about?" She asked.

"Nothing important." I quickly said.

"Sarah's working on her science fair project with Matt." Isabella told her.

"Ooooooooooo." She taunted. "Your crush? How are you going to survive without kissing him."

"I'm not going to do that. And besides, he has a girlfriend." I said sadly.

"Well then what was all that about with him trying to scare you? It looks like he likes you." Isabella said.

"I don't think so." I said. "He's just trying to be friendly because of what happened."

Trisha looked at me. "And what happened?"

I looked at her and sighed. "Didn't you hear?" I asked.

"No I was absent the past 3 days and I just got here last period." She said.

"Oh. Okay. Well Kenny was trying to get me to go on a date with him and Matt came to help because he knew how much I hated Kenny because of what happened before. Then Kenny got mad at Matt and they had a fight and I went to stop it and Kenny pushed me and I tripped and fell and broke my leg." I told her.

She looked at me shocked. "What happened before?"

"Well I was over at Me Lei's house and he was there and a bunch of other people where there. So he brought me outside and kissed me and then I ran away and then he came to my house and kissed me again. Then Matt came because he saw what happened and he pulled Kenny away and they had a fight." I calmly explained.

"Wait, so they had a fight over you twice?" Isabella asked.

"Not really over me but about me but, yeah, I guess."

Isabella and Trisha flipped out when Abby and Ashley sat down. "Why is everyone freaking out." 

"Abby can you please explain what happened this week. I really don't want to." I asked her.

"Sure." She said and started explaining.

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