Looking from afar

Sarah has always been a nobody. She does well in school and she has a bunch of friends. Sarah is happy about her life, but nobody knows her in school. There is only one person Sarah wished would notice her. And that was Matt. Will Sarah always be watching from far away or will she find the courage to make something happen?


1. About Sarah

Sarah is 15 years old and in 11th grade. She is 5'6" and has long brown wavy hair with hazel eyes.


She has a 17 year old sister in 12th grade named Amelia. Her mom works every day and her dad works hard all day. She has a dog named Emma who is a white lab.


Sarah has 8 close friends. There is Isabella, Abby, Trisha, Ashley, Katelyn, Caitlyn, Kayla, and Me Li.

Sarah hangs out with her friends a lot to just hang and talk or to do homework together.


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