Letters to You | n.h & h.s

why did you have to go?


2. two.


dear harry,

i'm sorry it's late. i just can't sleep anymore. the boys are staying over, but i wouldn't let them sleep in your room with me. it's a bit selfish but i couldn't do it. 

besides me, i think louis is taking it the hardest. you two were best mates harry. why did you leave us? he blames it on him when really it is my fault.

it is all my fault.

i should've held you tighter, asked you how you were feeling. i took you for granted. people love you. i want to sleep because overtime i close my eyes i see you. your green eyes, your brown curls. i never want to stop seeing you. i love you. id die for you. 


what you said in your letter really hurt me.

you said, "it was all to much. the pain was to much."

what pain?

why didn't you fucking tell me?

i hate you so much right now, but i still love you more.

just come back to me baby.

love, niall.

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