Letters to You | n.h & h.s

why did you have to go?


3. three.

dear harry,

I'm sorry i won't be able to write much right now, the boys want me to go with them to your mom's house. she is very lovely harry, i really love her. i wish we had more memories with her. she loves you very much.

louis said she isn't doing to well since-

well you know.

we all miss you.

should i tell the boys about the note?

i don't think i should.

it would hurt them to much, even though you wanted me to show them.

i don't want them to blame it on themselves when it is my fault.

I'm sorry.

do you remember our first valentine's day together? that was probably my favorite date. we had just been going out for almost a year and you were so excited about valentine's. you took me to Nando's, which at the time we didn't have much fans, so it was peaceful. we ate some random dish before we gave each other our gifts. I gave you a journal, bracelet, and a fake award for best vocalist. You loved it, and i was glad because sometimes you never believed that you were a good singer.

but harry you were an amazing singer.

you gave me a song.

which was absolutly amazing.

i found a song before you-

you know.

I'm going to write some lyrics from it for you.

How can I say your name without
Also breathing the words, my God, I found you
How can I ever speak again with this mouth
When it has found where it belongs
When you touch me
I am a bed of calla lilies
I will make a house for you and fill it with evergreens
I will paint sunsets on every wall
So you can only see beautiful things
How can I say "love" without wanting to fold myself into you
Like a thousand paper cranes
Dear one
I was halved the moment I was born
The other piece of me is inside of your mouth
And I was found whole the moment you spoke


i hope you like that.

i was going to show you it but you left before I could.

come back soon. i can only sleep for so long.

love niall.

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