Letters to You | n.h & h.s

why did you have to go?


6. six

dear harry,


remember when you told me about your dad?

how he always knew you were gay, how he always hated you for it

well i talked to him today.

he doesn't hate you harry.

he loves you so much.

and so does your mom and your sister

they aren't doing to good without you.

neither am I.

we all miss you.


will you visit me in my dreams again?

just one more time.


louis thinks it's his fault you are gone

i tried to convince him it wasn't but he just got angry 

he threw me against a wall and started yelling at me.

you know he loved you a lot.

you two were best friends.


when he hit me it felt good.

like the pain was at another place beside my heart.

i want this agony to go away just for one minute.

it will never go away

since you will never come back.

- niall.

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