Letters to You | n.h & h.s

why did you have to go?


1. one.

inspired by '99 Days Without You' and 'Past'



dear harry,

It's been two days. two days since my world fell apart. two days since my bed turned cold. two days since you took your life. you took your fucking life harry. you left me. why did you leave me? 

i held your mom at your funeral. she told me how much you loved me. i know you loved me Harry but if you truly did why didn't you fight more?

why didn't you yell my name when you were in pain?

i could've helped you.

i could have fucking helped you.

why didn't you let me help you?

I can't sleep, eat, breathe anymore.

i miss you.

Remember what we said to each other?

we said no matter what, we will never hurt each other.

well you hurt me.

i know you didn't mean to, it says that in your note.

the boys don't know about the note. i'm scared to give it to them, I'm afriad they will take the last piece of you away.

it feels like you should come back. 

like you are on some trip and soon you will be back giving me my hugs and kisses that i need right now.

i just need you to hold me.

one more time.

the boys are going to make me see a therapist, which i think is complete bullshit considering that i have a right to mourn. I do.

they are sad too.

everyone is sad.

just come back.


love niall.

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