Letters to You | n.h & h.s

why did you have to go?


5. five.

dear harry,

i miss the way your fingers would go through my hair when i was falling asleep

yes i was awake.

I'm drinking now.

i understand why you did, to just let the gin burn your throat to give you a bit of a rest of all the pain

i smoke, well kinda.

I'm mad at you so i wanted to piss you off, even though you aren't here.

I'm mad because you arent fucking here

i act like i'm fine, like I'm strong because louis is just crumbling.

you were like his brother harry.

the band misses you

we aren't a band anymore.

management wants us to keep going but i just can't.

it won't bring you back whats the point?

what's the point of anything?

without you everything is shit.

this is your fault.

you are making me feel so much pain.

i guess I'm being selfish but just come back to me in my dreams again..please.

you use to come in my dreams every night but not its nothing just complete darkness.

like me.


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