Voices (Lashton)

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  • Published: 28 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Feb 2017
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My eyes widen. "M'not gay Lucas." I mumble.

"Right. Says the one who was making out with a guy on his bedroom floor." I hear him smirk.

"Screw you." I say and he chuckles.

Where Ashton tries to ignore the voice in his head and fails miserably at it.


10. "Well maybe I like being on my floor."

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I close my eyes all the way and move closer to Calum. His grip on my face turns more sturdy and he moves his lips along mine.

I feel him move closer to me and I move from my knees to my butt, our lips still locked together. He crawls over to me and turns his head to deepen the kiss and I let him.

"Ashton....." I hear Luke whimper somewhere in the depths of my fuzzy mind.

He pulls back for a few seconds only to pull me back by the collar of my shirt and I grab his face holding him close to me. My left hand goes to the back of his neck.

My right hand goes from his face to his shoulder and I squeeze it.

He groans and kisses me deeper and rougher then before and our tongues move together.

I pull back for air and rest my forehead against his shoulder.

I feel him lightly kiss my clothed shoulder and I let out a shaky breath.

Well that escalated pretty fast, didn't it?

Calum pulls back and his eyes meet mine. "Sorry." He mutters.

I nod my head but neither of us move.

Why did I just kiss a guy?

More importantly why did I kiss Calum?!

I'm not even gay! This is crazy.

I'm never gonna live this down....

I look up to see Calum's still almost on me. His brown eyes meet my hazel ones and he moves back a little but is still really close to me.

He rubs his face.

Well I'm not gay or anything but I think he regrets kissing me. Either way I'm kinda offended and hurt.

"Why?" I whisper.

He looks down at me and gives me nervous smile.

"Spur of the moment?" He says but it comes out more of a question.

He regrets it.

I feel my arms itch again so I nod my head at Calum. He gives me a small smile and clears his throat.

"I-uh. I should go. I'm gonna go." He stutters and my stomach starts to match my arms.

I nod my head trying to get him to leave quickly so I can be alone and get some form of relief.

He stands up and licks his lips and runs a hand through his hair.

He smiles at me once more before heading out. I hear him go down the stairs and the door opens and closes.

I don't move from my spot on the floor.

"Well that was a great conversation." Luke says and I can hear it dripping with sarcasm but I don't say anything.

"Yeah. Great." I mumble and he scoffs.

I glare randomly. Well so much for not saying anything.... "Don't hate me, your the one who encouraged me to talk to him and trust him."

"Yeah talk, not fucking make out on your bedroom carpet floor." He snaps and I mentally flinch.

"Like I planed it. It just happened. Like he said, spur of the damn moment Luke." I say just above a whisper. I add, "And if your just going to yell at me then go ahead, I'm use to it, I get yelled at all the time so it wouldn't make any difference."

There's a long pause and if he wasn't in my head then I would've thought that he didn't hear me.

"Look Ash, I-I'm sorry." Luke says and I blink back tears that threatened to fall.

"Why do you even care that I was kissing him?" I ask sniffling.

"Well I'm in your head so I'll know what's happening to you when it happens and what your feeling at the moment. So it's weird on my end." He says and I blush a deep red.

"Well I didn't know that.... Sorry." I say and wipe my eyes again.

He sighs. "It's okay. Just, a little warning would have been good before you went and started snogging the hell out of him. That and I thought you weren't gay?" He asks confused.

My eyes widen. "M'not gay Lucas." I mumble.

"Right. Says the one who was making out with a guy on his bedroom floor." I hear him smirk.

"Screw you." I say and he chuckles.

"Why are you still on the floor Ashton?" He says and I roll my eyes.

"Well maybe I like being on my floor." I cross my arms and pout.

He laughs and I can't help but smile and laugh as well.

"Well maybe if I was, yeah know. There in person, I could understand why you like being on the floor." Luke says and I chuckle.

"Yeah. Your kinda the only person who gets me- well besides Calum. He's really got me......." I mumble and Luke snorts.

"Yeah. He's got you alright." He says and I nod my head.

After a moment of silence he speaks up.

"So what are you going to say to Calum next time you see him, or do you plane on just making out with him again?" Luke asks me, I can hear that he's forcing a smile. It's just something you can hear.

I roll my eyes. "I'm not gay Luke."

"It's okay Ashton. Denial is expected."

I shake my head but can't help but chuckle. "Fuck you Blondie."

He stops laughing right after I say that. "Did you just call me Blondie?"

"Uh yeah. I guess I did." I say confused.

Why did I call him Blonde?

"Do you know- my hair colour?" Luke asks and I grow confused now.

"How can you have hair colour if your a voice?" I ask.

He sighs. "You really need to remember your dreams." He mumbles but I hear him of corse.

"Remember my dreams? What do you mean?" I ask furrowing my eyebrows.

"I would ask how you heard me but that would be stupid...... Yeah your dreams are important. Sometimes they hold stuff that you'll need to know." He says and I sigh nodding my head.

"I'll try to remember next time, I remember one dream from like, two nights ago." I say shrugging.

"Really? What was it about?" He asks quickly.

I laugh and lean against my bed. "I already told you it was me talking to a guy."

"What did you talk about again?" He asks.

"Don't you remember? We talked about penguins and flowers." I say shaking my head at the faint memory of my dream.

"And what did the guy kinda look like you said?" Luke asks me and I swear he's smirking if he can.

I rack my brain trying to kinda remember. "He had- if I remember right- blonde.....hair......" I trail off.

Then it's like a light bulb went off in my head.

I sigh. "That was you, wasn't it."

He laughs and it all makes sense now. How I pictured the blonde guy on my bed just out of the blue, I've seen him before. He's the guy from my dream.

Aka Lucifer himself.

All of a sudden a giant pain comes to my head and I grab my head. "Fuck." I mumble.

"Ashton, you okay?" I hear Luke ask.

All of a sudden random things pop into my head. It's like I'm watching bits and pieces of a movie or something.....

"Hey hey. It's okay. Even if I ever did hit you- which will never happen- I'd have a good reason to, even though no reason is ever good enough to hit my best friend." Michael says pulling back and wipes my cheeks as more tears go down my face.

Then the next one.

"I don't want to lose you Michael. Your my best friend." I whimper and he puts his head on mine.

"Your mine to Ash. Mine to." He mumbles and I close my eyes.

And they just keep coming.

All of a sudden he pulls back and gives me a sad smile before walking away. He turns around and shouts to me, "No matter what Ash, I'll always be with you even if I am being a dick and ruining your life. Your still my best friend."

And again.

"Hey it's okay love. I'm going to help you in anyway possible Ashton. I promise." I sniffle but then stop everything I'm doing and fully look at the person.

He's got blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He's got a lip ring and his hair is styled in a quiff. Even though he's sitting, he looks tall as fuck.


I gulp and shake my head. "Wha-? How?"

"Well I'm in your head so I can also get into your brain. Which leads me into your dreams." He says and it takes me a minute to process what he said.

Yep Luke.

He buts in. "But I'm real. Totally real. Well, as real as I am in your head that is."

I laugh. "Yeah I guess. And I'm not that weirded out. It might just be because this is a dream but, whatever. That and I probably won't remember this when I wake up."

He frowns and sadly nods his head. "Yeah you probably will. So- wait. We can do anything and you won't remember it?"

"Well there's a chance I will remember it. So no, not anything." I say and he nods again.

Wow I'm very smart in my dreams.

I groan falling back. "Whatever. And I don't really need anyone. I don't talk to anyone so what's the point in all of this? What's the point in anything anymore? What's the point in the sky? What's the point in living anymore if all I do is get hurt?"

Soon Luke's blocking the sun, hovering over me with a deep frown.

"Ashton there's so much to live for." He says and I just stare into his blue eyes, trying to remember every inch of his face.

So I'm the same in my dream as I am in reality...... That's nice to know......

I scoff. "Bull."

He chuckles. "Your missing a part."

I roll my eyes. "Don't change the subject Lucas. Why are you staring?"

He sighs. "Time to wake up Ashton." He pecks my forehead and my eyes widen.

I sigh as the pain goes away and I hold my head in my hand.

What was that all about?

"Ashton what the hell, are you okay? What happened? It's like you blocked out everything around you for a good solid 15 minutes if not more." Luke asks sounding worried and now I realize why he said about me needing to remember my dreams. He's right they are important.

"Luke, I'm okay. Were you in last nights dream to?" I ask.

"Why?" He slowly asks.

"Cause I remember parts of it." I say crossing my legs.

Wow I'm still on the floor.

"Like what parts?" He asks quickly.

I sigh. "I remember Michael saying he'll always be my friend even if he hits me and turns into a dick and is ruining my life."

I bite my lip waiting for Luke's answer.

"Yeah I saw that. I was there the whole time you just didn't notice me till I sat beside you......" Luke confesses. I slowly nod my head. "What else do you remember?"

"I remember you saying you'll help in every possible way or something like that. And that I thought you looked really tall even sitting down....."

He chuckles. "I guess. What else?"

"Then you told me how you go into my dream cause your already in my head. Then I remember us arguing if your real or not....." I trail off confused because I don't remember what we were talking about hat leads up to him saying he's real.

"Oh yeah. We were talking about you saying that it's just a dream and then I said I was totally real." He tells me as I nod my head.

"Anyway. Then I remember saying that I probably won't remember it when I wake up and you asking if we could do anything and I said no because there was a small chance that I would remember it." I say picking at the lose string in my carpet.

"Yeah. What, what's the next part you remember?" He asks.

"Oh. Um, me asking what's the point in living anymore....... And you telling me there's lots to live for. Then me asking why you were staring at me and then you told me to wake up." I say and rub my hands together.

He sighs. "I was right yeah know. About you having lots to live for."

I shake my head chuckling weakly. "Whatever you say Luke. Whatever you say....."

"It's late, you should get to sleep and maybe we can continue this conversation face to face, kinda. Whatever, you get what I mean." Luke says and I get up off the ground.

I walk over to my dresser and grab out some lose jogging pants and I change into them.

I walk over to my bed after turning the light out and I just now look at the time.


Well fuck.

"Night Luke."

"Goodnight Ashton......" He whisper and I close my eyes drifting to sleep in the mater of seconds.

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