Voices (Lashton)

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  • Published: 28 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Feb 2017
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My eyes widen. "M'not gay Lucas." I mumble.

"Right. Says the one who was making out with a guy on his bedroom floor." I hear him smirk.

"Screw you." I say and he chuckles.

Where Ashton tries to ignore the voice in his head and fails miserably at it.


43. "That's not a bad idea."

Hello hey hi how you doing.

So it's been a while sense I updated but never fear! Here's an update so you can all calm down and read.

You should tell other people about my story's.... Idk.

Sorry if I'm being pushy or anything.

We had a snow day..... School was canceled bc of the ice storm.


Anyway here's the chapter.

Love you guys!

Oh what's your favourite band member from 5SOS??

~ Abbigail

Ashton's POV

We stop at my locker and I drop my shit off in it then close and lock it. I lean against it with my forehead pressed against it. I close my eyes and let out a deep breath of air.

"Hey, you okay Ash?" I hear Luke ask me with concern. I turn my head a little at him and nod my head slightly.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I say. It's not a lie, but not the full truth. And if he really wanted to know them he could just tap into my head and find out. "I'm just gonna take a little walk. I'll meet you and the others."

He frowns, tilting his head to the side looking like a confused puppy. Okay well, Calum looks more like a puppy then Luke..... Michael's more of a small kitten. That can easily beat you up. And Luke. He's more of an awkward penguin that's still trying to fly but will never be able to.

"Are you sure your alright?" He whispers coming closer to me so our faces are only inches apart, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Yeah." I lean in and close my eyes as I press a sweet kiss to his lips.

I open my eyes backing away as his eyes flutter open so I'm met by the amazing blue they are.

"Okay. If you need me just, text me or think really hard." He chuckles softly at the last part making me smile.

"Of course Luke." I kiss him again and he walks away.

Once he's gone my smile gets smaller, but it's still there.

I take the fedora off my head and run my hand through my messy curls. Okay I need a hair cut.

I put it back on my head and walk down the abandoned hallway.

I walk past Mr. Arnets room and I freeze.

I look in the window and see no ones in there making me shrug and try to open the door. Thankfully it's unlocked.

Wait, why am I here to begin with?

Oh well to late now.

My eyes scan the room till they land on the drums.

I slowly walk over to them and I sit on the stool.

"I'm gonna take it you've got a thing for the drums?" My head snaps up to see Mr. Arnet leaning against the door frame for his office.

Well fuck, I forgot about the office.

Smooth going Ashton you dumbass. You deserve an award.....

I open and close my mouth, mentally hitting myself for being such an idiot and making a fool out of my self.

So I just nod my head.

He smiles before walking off somewhere leaving me just sitting there.

He comes back a minute later holding a pair of drum sticks and my heart starts beating faster.

He hands them to me. "Here. I know you won't play in class so here's your chance, that and I want to see how you do." He says and I slowly take the sticks in my hands.

I look down at them. "It's been so long." I tell him without actually thinking.

"So, who cares if your a little rusty." He says and I nod my head.

"It's gonna be more then a little. Trust me." I tell him making him chuckle.

"Well the only way to find out is for you to play." He says walking closer to the drum set.

I nod my head again tightening my grip on the sticks, my gaze going to the closed wooden door. He follows my gaze.

"The rooms almost fully sound proof so I think your good." He tells me and I nod. Again. I really need to stop nodding so much like oh my god

I take a deep breath before letting it out and stay playing the last thing I remember playing.

I continue to play and the smile never stops growing.

I finish the song and I pant slightly, the biggest grin on my face in years.

I look up seeing a beaming Mr. Arnet and Luke watching me with big eyes and smiles.

"Ashton, why didn't you tell me you just wanted to come here and play?" He says, still smiling wide and I blush looking down as I set the sticks to my side.

I shrug. "I didn't even know I was gonna play them... I just, I was going to go for a walk but then I past here and I ended up playing the drums. Sorry." I mumble as I look up to see Luke walking over to me.

He grabs a chair and sits. Mr. Arnet looks at Luke. "Do you play anything?"

"I play guitar." He says and my teachers gone enforce he can even say anything else. We both share a confused glance as he comes back with the same acoustic I was playing before and he hands it to Luke.

Luke's eye are wide as he carefully takes it. "Holy shit, this is amazing." Hi eyes never leaving the acoustic in his lap.

"You should play something together- oh here Ashton use this instead." He says rushing off before coming back with a box.

I jump up fast already grabbing it from him and sitting on it. "Shit you've got one? I've looked everywhere for one of these!" I saw staring at the cajon in pure awe.

He chuckles. "Yeah my older brother gave it to me when I was around your age. Not that I ever use it or anything." He says sitting on a chair.

I look at Luke who grins and starts strumming a tune and I tilt my head confused at what the song is.

I've never heard it before.....

"Take me back to the middle of nowhere. Back to the place only you and I share. Remember all the memories? The fireflies and make-believe. Kicking back in the old school yard. Singing songs on our guitars. This is our reality. Crazy stupid, you and me." He sings and I recognize the tune from my singing the same tune this morning as my eyes widen.

"You, that song. I sang it quietly this morning- well like, three lines but I didn't tell anyone." I say and even the teacher looks confused.

Luke blushes and looks at me sheepishly. "Yeah well, you were thinking about it." He says and I nod my head.

Right he was digging around in my brain again.

"We should make a band." He says causing me to giggle.

"Sure." I say and he chuckles.

"Hold on a second, that's not a bad idea. You can sing, plus play guitar and Ashton here plays drums, just get another guitar player and maybe a bass and you've got a band. You've got a song already. Well, part of one." Mr. Arnet says and I share a look with Luke.

He sighs. "Wanna make a band?"

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