Voices (Lashton)

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  • Published: 28 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Feb 2017
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My eyes widen. "M'not gay Lucas." I mumble.

"Right. Says the one who was making out with a guy on his bedroom floor." I hear him smirk.

"Screw you." I say and he chuckles.

Where Ashton tries to ignore the voice in his head and fails miserably at it.


26. "Having troubles?"

Hey so I'm sorry that this is short but be happy I updated twice today.

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"Ashton, you gotta get up." I feel someone shake and whisper to me.

I roll over and burry my face more into my pillow. I hear them groan.

"Ashton come on we've got to go to school." They say and I slowly open my eyes. I blink and kinda focus on Luke. He's kinda blurry.

Shit it's gonna be one of those days.

Just. Fucking. Great.

He hands me something and I realize there my glasses. I put them on to see a smiling Luke beside me.

"Morning Curly." He says and I roll my eyes at the name.

"Mornin'." I yawn. I slowly take the blanket off my legs and mentally hit myself for sleeping in skinny jeans.

Well hell.

I grab clothes from my closet and dresser.

I turn around to see Luke watching me with a smile across his lips.

"I'll be out soon." I say and he nods his head grabbing his phone.

I go into the washroom and have my shower and all that shiz. I step out and dry off then put my clothes on.

A green sweater and my normal black skinny jeans. I shake my hair out as I walk out of the bathroom.

Not even gonna try to get it to look decent. Not on the mood to get pissed off over down thing stupid.

It's like I'm a ticking time bomb. The slightest thing will post me off and make me explode.

I'm on the damn line right now and messing with my hair would cross it.

Even though I can't hurt anyone I still get grumpy as fuck and mentally kill everyone in my head and send them all death glares when there not looking.

I see Luke trying to do his hair but it just wouldn't work I guess.

"Having troubles?" I ask and he jumps at the sound of my voice.

"Damn hair. Won't go right." He grumbles glaring at his hair in the mirror. I lightly chuckle.

See why I won't even try with my hair? It's more tangled then his so, just imagine.

I grab a beanie and throw it at him. He looks at it and puts it in his head. "Thanks." He grins.

Not gonna even try to hide my messy hair.

I nod my head and grab my bag. He follows me downstairs and I see my mums already gone.

I sigh. I put on my shoes as I hear a cough. I look up at Luke who's got his arms crossed and has a stern look on his face. "What?"

"You gotta eat Ash." He says and I pale slightly.

How bout not and say we did?

I slowly shake my head, my messy curls bouncing softly. "I don't need anymore more food Luke. If anything I need less food. Let's just go to school and maybe I'll eat something before I go to bed." I tell picking my bag up off the ground.

I go to leave but he grabs my arm, forcing me to face him.

"Ashton. No, if anything you need more food. Your to skinny for your own good. Or anybody's good. You need food otherwise you'll die Ashton. Die. Do you really want to kill yourself?" He asks me with a frown.

I look away from him and he lets out a ragged breath.

"You do...." He says. Not as a question. But a fact.

A true one.

He runs a hand through his hair. "I'm gonna make you eat....... I'm not giving up Ashton. Never in a million years. I haven't given up from the start and I sure as hell ain't giving up now." He bites his lip.

I finally meet his glassy eyes.

"I just found you. I-I'm not gonna lose you. I can't lose you." He says as I see his lip tremble.

Tears pour from the corners of his eyes and I feel guilty that I'm causing him pain.

Fucking idiot. Look what I did. The one person who cares about me, I hurt them.

I walk over and throw my arms around his neck while his go around my waist, holding onto me tightly.

He stuffs his face in the crook of my neck even though I'm shorter then him.

"I can't lose you Ash. I care so much about you......." He mumbles into my neck and I close my eyes as my own tears fall freely.

He pulls back and pecks my forehead, eyes closed as he lets his lips linger for a moment.

He pulls back and I meet his blue eyes with my hazel ones.

"I can't lose you either Luke." I whisper before kissing him gently.

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