Voices (Lashton)

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  • Published: 28 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Feb 2017
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My eyes widen. "M'not gay Lucas." I mumble.

"Right. Says the one who was making out with a guy on his bedroom floor." I hear him smirk.

"Screw you." I say and he chuckles.

Where Ashton tries to ignore the voice in his head and fails miserably at it.


36. "Happy?"

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Luke's POV

I stare at my phone waiting for Ashton to call or at least text me telling me he's okay.

"Staring at your phones not going to do you any good." Calum says from the couch, his eyes never leaving the tv as he focuses on his game he got.

I glare at him. "Why are you still here?"

He snorts. "Dude I live here to if you've forgotten."

"Well go back to the other place that you brought Ashton to. What about your mum? How the hell did you do that?" I say giving him a confused look.

He sighs while dying on his game. "I pulled a few strings here and there. Nothing big Luke, don't worry your little blonde head." He says as he revives in his game.

I roll my eyes. "Calum your gonna have to tell me anyway, you know it. Might as well tell me now." I say staring at my phone again.

"Luke, why do you care so much?" He asks.

"Because for some stupid reason I care about you......" I say rolling my eyes.

"Awe, and I don't care about you. It's nice to know what you feel." He says smirking as I chuck a pillow at him.

He laughs and places it beside him.

"Fuck dude you made me die again." He says groaning and falling back on to the couch.

"Good." I mumble under my breath as I go back into the kitchen and grab out a bag of cheese itz.

"Ooh food!" Calum yells as he lunges for the food. I hold it out of his reach as he falls.

I raise an eyebrow. "Uh not gonna happen."

He pouts at me and wipes a fake tear away. "I'm so upset. See if I ever share food with you."

I chuckle. "Whatever Calum. You never share food with me anyway." I say putting some in my mouth as he scoffs and continues his game.

After a moment or so he puts his controller down. "Hey um Luke?" He asks.


"You skipped today right? Like who did you skip with?" He asks and I grow confused.

"Um Rory and Lilly. Well, I left a little after Ashton. I don't know Rory or Lilly that well so I didn't see any point to stick around." I tell him shrugging my shoulders.

"Rory. She the one that's way to dramatic and was hugging Ashton?" He asks me and I try to remember back this morning.

I nod my head. "Yep. That's Rory."

"Oh. So Lilly was the calm one." He says.

I laugh. "She's more of the calm before the storm then she goes off like a bomb when you least expect it."

Calum looks really interested in this conversation for some reason.

"But she's nice anyway? Like she'll accept anyone?"

"Why do you care all of a sudden?" I ask confused and I nearly laugh as he blushes.

"Nothing. I'm just wondering who's who. That's all." He says not meeting my eyes.

I narrow mine. "Hood. I'm gonna find out. We can do this the easy way or the hard way." I say inching closer to him as his eyes widen.

"No! No Luke. Remember what happened last time." Calum says standing up an backing away.

I don't say anything but only love closer to him with a smirk.

He then runs and I bolt after him.

"Come here you moron!" I yell as I chase Calum laughing.

"No! Fuck off Lucas!" He shouts back laughing and almost falling down the stairs.

"Tell me Calum and I'll let you live!" I yell chasing him up the stairs.

He reaches the top before me and runs down the hall, me now just getting to the top.

I run after him and just as he closes the door I step in making him squeak and run to the other side of the room.

"Luke......" He says I a warning time which only makes my smirk grow.

"Just tell me and this will all end." I say and he shakes his head.

"Never." He sneers.

I shrug my shoulders. "Okay."

He then grows cofused. "Okay?"

I nod. "Yeah okay. You win."

He relaxes and a lazy smile comes on his face.

"See you should have just-aaahh Luke!" I jump on him making him fall to the ground with me on him.

He grab his hands as he try's to hit me. "Did you really think I'd give up that easily?" I shake my head at him.

"Awe come on that's cheating." He pout and I laugh.

"Tell me Calum." I say.

He sighs. "Why do you want to know so bad?"

"Because I'm your best friend and I deserve to know." I say casually.

"It's nothing Luke." He says laying his head down.

"No it's something if it's bothering you." I say trying to think of what triggered this conversation anyway.

Well he asked me about my day then he wanted good then he asked me about Rory and Lilly. Well mostly Lilly.....

Wait a second.

I look down at him. "Calum." I say in a serious tone.

"Huh?" He asks as it looks like he comes out of a haze. "Yeah?"

"I'm gonna ask you something and you have to think about it hard." I say.

"Okay sure." He gives me a confused expression.

"Do, do you like..... Lilly?" I finally ask and as soon as those words leave my lips his eyes widen and his face goes beat red.

My eyes widen also. "You do!"

"Do not!" He snaps and I can't help but fall off him laughing my ass off.

"Oh god you do! Oh shit Ashton's gonna love this! This is perfect!" I say as I laugh even more.

He glares at me but it goes away as he rubs his eyes. "Ugh okay fine, I like her. Happy now?"

"Happy? Hell I'm dying of laughter and your asking me if I'm happy?!" I say as I wipe my cheeks from the tears.

"Screw you."

"Nah you'd like that to much."

I'm so glad that if I had to get stuck with someone I'm glad it's Calum.

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