Voices (Lashton)

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  • Published: 28 Oct 2014
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My eyes widen. "M'not gay Lucas." I mumble.

"Right. Says the one who was making out with a guy on his bedroom floor." I hear him smirk.

"Screw you." I say and he chuckles.

Where Ashton tries to ignore the voice in his head and fails miserably at it.


45. Epilogue

okay guys.... So this is the last chapter of Voices....

*takes deep breath hoping it ends well*

Love you guys and I can't thank you enough for reading this book. Means a lot to me.

~ Abbigail


"Wait who would all be in the so called band?" I asked Luke who looked deep in thought.

"Well we could ask Calum to? He plays the bass and well, maybe Michael?" He says and I bite my lip.

Wait, he's serious on this whole band thing?

My eyes widen. "Shit your not kidding."

He chuckles shaking his head. "Nope. We could start out with small things like, posting YouTube videos and stuff."

I bite my lip thinking about it. "I guess that's not a bad idea...."

"What's not a bad idea?" I look up to see Michael and Calum walking towards us, well Michael is and Calum's shutting the door.

Michael pulls up a chair and so does Calum who sits on it backwards.

"Making a band." Luke asks before I could utter a single word to the two boys.

Michael raises an eyebrow. Calum just looks at Luke like he's crazy, which pretty sure he is.

"What?" Is all Michael says.

Luke rolls his eyes. "What part didn't you get?" He asks and I chuckle along with Calum.

The teacher left us already so it's just us four boys in the music room. Why does he trust us alone in here? I don't even trust myself half the time.

"No I'm just curious to where this came from all of a sudden...." Michael says and then looks at me. "You in it?"

"Well no shit dumbass." Calum says hitting Michael on the shoulder who just rolls his eyes at the kiwi lad.

"Shut up Calum. But on the band thing again." Michael says smiling.

"I guess." Calum says groaning. "If I must."

"Fine don't join." Michael says.

Calum then sits up right. "No I'm in. Shut up Michael."

"Shut up Calum."

"Shut up Luke."

I roll my eyes at them. "Really. Seriously? Come on."

"Fine are you two asses in or not?" Luke says.

Michael nods his head. "Yeah."

"I'm in. Totally in." Calum says and I smile.

"Ooh what cover should we cover first?" I ask.

"How about Teenage Dirtbag?" Calum suggest and I nod my head thinking it through.

"Yeah I believe I know that one." I say and they beam.

"Sweet. Who's house are we gonna do this at though?" Michael asks and we all look at each other.

"We can do it at our place." Calum says and I perk up. Luke's house?

"Sure." I say quickly and Michael nods his head agreeing with me.

I look at Luke who's already looking at me. "Luke?"

He blinks a few times.

"I love you."

I feel my heart beat pick up speed as I stare at Luke's blue eyes.

"I love you to." I whisper as I move closer to him.

He closes the gap and his hand goes to the back of my neck holding me close.

I really don't care if the other two boys are here all I care about is Luke. He's on my mind all day everyday....

Our lips move in sync as I feel him smile into our kiss and I can't help but grin back and grab the front of his shirt, pulling him even closer to me, it's kinda hard when he's sitting on his own chair... Fucking chair is a cockblock.

"If you guys are done eating each other's faces off, I'd really like to discuss this whole band thing. We still need a name." Michaels voice breaks through the hazy fog I was oh so enjoying.

I pull back a little, my eyes fluttering open and Luke makes a whiny sound trying to catch my swollen lips with his.

I quietly giggle as he pouts at me.

"Thanks. I thought you guys were just gonna start doing it here in the middle of the music room." Calum says and Michael grimaces and nods his head.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Luke asks his eyes flicking to me and then back to Calum and over again.

Calum fake pukes and Michael scrunched up his nose. How was I ever afraid of him? He looks like a fucking kitten.

A kitten with bluish, purplish, whitish hair. I don't even want know what colours are in his hair now.

"Right. Sorry I was..... Distracted." Luke smirks at me and I look away blushing.

Fuck you Luke.

"It's like you guys have conversations with each other in your heads, like talk out loud!" Michael says throwing his hands up.

Calum, Luke and I burst out laughing leaving Michael confused.

Sense when is Michael not confused.

Never mind don't answer that.

"How about we call it Bromance?" Michael says and we all look at him like he's on crack. Or any drugs really.

"No?" He says and we slowly shake our head and he pouts. "Fine, you pick a good band name then mr. Iknoweverything." He sticks his tongue out at me and I chuckle.

"Well, what's about 5 Second Summer?" I say and they all nod there heads thinking it through.

"How about 5 Seconds Of Summer?" Luke says and I furrow my eyebrows.

"Dude that's what I just said basically." I tell him and he pats my cheek chuckling softy.

"Love, you didn't put of in there. It sounds better with the of in it." He leans in closer to my ear whispering. "It's okay though, I still love you."

I blush like crazy and I almost grab his shirt and kiss the fuck out of him but then remember that the other two are here and Michael would complain again.

So instead I lean in slowly and kiss him sweetly. "I love you to." I say against his lips and he deepens the kiss a little but I pull back making him pout and make another winey sound.

"Jesus you guys are like rabbits in matting season. Get a damn room already." Calum says and Michael looks at Calum.

"I've only seen them kiss twice."

Calum pats Michael on the head. "You lucky bastard."

Michael then looks at me, then at Luke and then back to Calum. "I don't even want to know."

"You really don't." Calum agrees shaking his own head.

"Okay so our bands name is 5 Seconds Of Summer. Sweet. Now our first cover is gonna be Teenage Dirtbag right?" I ask and they nod there heads.

"Who's got a YouTube account?" I ask the boys and none of them say anything.

Then Luke raises his hand. I raise an eyebrow at him a little surprised by this new information.

"Really?" I ask. This actually could work....

He sighs. "Well I had to do something in my free time. I didn't go on it much though..... I was always thinking about you and wondering if you were okay and stuff." He admits with a blush and I can't help but blush as well.

"You guys are so cute I'm gonna die from it." Michael says and I laugh.

"Anyway. So after school we'll go to Luke's house." I say and Calum gives me a look. "And Calum's. Sorry." I say and he smiles.

Michael has a confused look on his face.

"Wait, what do you mean Luke's and Calum's?"

--------------------- time skip bc school is boring af🔫🔫🔫🔫-----------

We pull up to a big house and I'm pretty sure Michael's and mine expressions are the same.

Calum parks the car and they get out. But I'm being stupid and just gap at the damn house before me.

My door opens making me jump and Luke chuckles. He reaches over and unbuckles me.

I go to climb out but Luke I guess has other plans. He picks me up without even seeming fazed by it and I squeal wrapping my arms around Luke's neck and legs around his waist as he carries me into the house.

Luke doesn't even stop to talk to the other two boys who are in the living room I think. Luke takes me up the stairs and I'm guessing to his bedroom.

He shuts the door with his foot and lays down, pulling me down with him.

He leans up and captures my lips with his and I close my eyes kissing back.

A kiss is one of the best things ever. It shows that your attracted to that person but it also shows love. This kiss shows both.

He moves my legs so there on both sides of his waist. He grabs the front of my shirt and tugs on it. I pull back a little and he takes the shirt and throws it somewhere in his room as he pulls me back to kiss me and in this moment I don't give a crap about Michael and Calum downstairs.

I tug on his shirt and he chucks it. Don't know where and I don't care right now.

His hands go down my back and circle around my waist coming to the front of my jeans and undoes them quickly.

Once there undone he tugs them down my legs with no effort at all.

I envy that.

Soon there gone and Luke takes his off as well ending up on his knees, hands grabby as he reaches for me. My hands go right to his hair I'm on my knees to.

His hands go down my back but stop at the waist of my boxers, I brush my tongue against his and he moans into my mouth holding me closer if that's even possible at this point but I guess with Luke anything is really possible.

"I love you so much Ash, you've got no idea." He mumbles his lips going to my neck sucking and biting making me a moaning mess.

He leans forward making my back hit the soft bed as he continues assaulting my neck and shoulder. My eyes close tightly as I feel his hands travel downward.

He slips his fingers in the band of my boxers and my breath hitches but I moan anyway as Luke's lips trails down my chest and to my happy trail.

I pull him back up to my face and kiss him with everything I've got.

Before I know it both of us are bare and hard as hell.

We don't care that Calum and Michael are just downstairs waiting for us so we can talk about the band. Or care about the homework I didn't finish in my maths class from today, or that my mom is probably worried about me because I haven't been home in a while or that my so called 'enemy' is just down stairs mingling with my other friend. And we don't care that Luke was just a voice in my head that scared the living daylight out of me in the cafeteria.

Yeah, I lost my self to Luke that day but he also gave him self to me. Not just his mind and soul but his heart.

I couldn't have asked for anything better.... If everything's bad it will always get better again sometime.

I guess I was right to trust the voice in my head after all.


And it's done.

Thank you so much for reading this.... It's on of my favourite books and it hurts to know that it's done and over.....

But I will be making a sequel to this!

Not sure when but I will.

Again thank you so much.

So maybe in the meantime you could check out my other story's?

I love you guys so fucking much.


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