Voices (Lashton)

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  • Published: 28 Oct 2014
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My eyes widen. "M'not gay Lucas." I mumble.

"Right. Says the one who was making out with a guy on his bedroom floor." I hear him smirk.

"Screw you." I say and he chuckles.

Where Ashton tries to ignore the voice in his head and fails miserably at it.


41. But I Don't Talk. Or Sing.

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Yeah it took me awhile but it's done.

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~ Abbigail

"Here wear this." Luke says handing me a pile of clothes.

I sigh taking them and heading into the washroom, hoping in the shower.

I wash up, step out and dry off.

I throw on the muscle shirt and the black skinny jeans with rips in them.

These aren't mine.....

Or maybe they are. Not sure what's what anymore.

I walk out of the bathroom confused. "Luke, these aren't my clothes. I think." I look up to see Luke sitting on my bed, shirtless while texting someone.

He look ups up then back at his phone but looks up again his eyes wide. "Holy shit. I knew you we're fit but, fuck." He says and I can't help but blush and grin at his words.

"Not sure if you'd say fit, I haven't done anything close to working out in a long time." I say looking at my arms.

His eyes follow mine and he stares at my arms to. "Really? You know you should try the drums again." He says and I sigh.

"I dunno. It's been years." I tell him shrugging as I grab my bag. I glance at my fedora, and take it putting it on my head.

"Damn the fedora goes with you. You should wear it more often Ash." He says walking over to me and putting his arms around my waist while mine go around his neck.

"Thanks Lukey." I say giggling and he leans down and kisses me gently, but he clearly doesn't want it to stay that way as his tongue sweeps across my bottom lip, asking for entrance and I don't hesitate to open letting his tongue in and roam my mouth.u

I pull back slightly and he makes a whimpering sound chasing my lips again but I shake my head and pick up my bag that fell from before.

"Gotta go Luke, c'mon." I say and chuckle as Luke quickly throws on a shirt, black and white with stars on the sleeves.

He follows me down the stairs and my mum smirks and I blush shaking my head.

"Have fun." I hear my mum shout at us as Luke and me rush out the door and I see Calum waiting for us.

When did-?

"I texted him when you were getting ready." He says.

"It's almost like you read my mind." I say sarcastically and he laughs as we both hop in the car.

Calum looks at me confused and I just keep laughing as I look out the window. "Why you all giggles all of a sudden?"

"Is it against the law to be happy or am I going to be punished?" I say and Calum looks at me like I've grown another head while Luke chokes on air. I smirk to myself as we drive down the road towards hell.

"Hey Ash, wanna hear something good?" Luke says smirking at Calum who's face goes red and he glares at Luke.

"Don't, please don't Luke." He says but Luke ignores him and looks back at me.

"Just tell me already!" I say rolling my eyes and Calum groans.

"Our little Calum here has a crush." He says and my eyes widen.

"Who, you must tell me. You brought it up now you have to tell me." I say grinning.

Calum glares at Luke. "Dude."

"Its Lilly." Luke blurts out and I gasp.

"Well fuck you to Lucifer." Calum says and I bust out laughing.

"Lilly? Really?" I say grabbing my stomach cuaee it hurts so much from laughing.

"Yes Lilly. Now shut the fuck up." He says and Luke joins in my laughter while Calum pouts as we pull into a parking spot.

We get out and Luke and me snicker quietly together while Calum shoots daggers at us.

"We love you Calum. Oh look Rory and Lilly." I say as Rory and Lilly make there way over to us.

I see Calum's face go red and I nudge Luke who smirks at me. "Hey Rory. Lilly."

"Hey Ash, Lucifer. Hey Cal." Lilly says smiling at him and I can't help but shake my head at them. There so obvious, its sad.

"Why is Luke grinning like that?" Rory whispers to me.

I motion to Calum and Lilly and it takes her a minute but she breaks out into a giant grin and I slap my hand over her mouth.

"Don't say anything. There so obvious its sickening." Luke says and I nod my head taking my hand away from Rory's mouth.

"Let's get to class." I say and they all nod as we leave Calum and Lilly awkwardly standing there.

Calum's gonna kill us, well more Luke because he lives with him.


We walk into the school and I feel peoples stares on me and I move closer to Luke. He notices and grabs my hand making me smile.

I see Michael and his eyes widen as he make his way over to me. "Shit Ashton, why the fuck didn't you stand up to me? You could have fucking killed me if you wanted to." He says motionin to my exposed arms. So that's why people are looking at me weird.

I look down shrugging. "I just, I'm not strong Michael, I've never beat someone up before or even punched someone for fucks sake." I mumble so only he can hear me besides Luke.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I look back to see Rory smiling softly at me, I smile back.

The warning bell goes and I quickly rush to my locker thankful that the spray paint is gone.

I open it with the first try and smile as I put my bag in it and grab out everything I'm gonna need for English.

I rush into the class, taking my seat in the back as people stare at me.

I'm gonna join Calum and kill Luke for making me wear this shirt.

Um yeah I'd like my sweater back please. Yeah that'd be great. Thanks.

Fucking Luke.

Someone sits down beside me and I raise an eyebrow at the girl.

"Hi there. I'm Carlin." She says putting her chin in her hand.

I look down at the paper in front of me then back up at her. Her blonde hair up in a high pony tale and she's got big blue eyes.

I've never seen her before but who gives a shit.

"You don't say much, do you?" She asks smiling a little and I shake my head.

"That's okay. I can get words out of you somehow." She says and she places her hand on the inside of my thigh and moving up words and my eyes widen a little and she just smiles innocently.

"Hey yeah, bitch that's my seat. Beat or I beat you." Michael says and I can't believe I'm thinking this but, I've never been so happy to see Michael.

She scoffs before winking at me and walking off to a group of girls.

"Thank you." I whisper and he smiles nodding his head.

"Hey do you wanna come over today? You can bring Luke if you want. And I think Calum's gonna come to." He says and I think it over, trying to see if I've got anything going on.

Nope, like that's anything new.

I nod my head and he grins "Sweet."

The teacher hands out our papers and I begin working on mine right away and finish it in about two minutes.

I stand up, bringing it up to the teacher and he smiles at me.

I return it and make my way back to my seat to see Michael staring at me.

"Your such a fucking nerd Ashton Irwin." He says and I would have felt hurt if it weren't for the friendly smile on his face.

I chuckle quietly hitting his arm. "Shit don't break my arm." He says rubbing the spot I hit him.

"M'not that strong Michael. We've been over this." I say as I doodle on a random piece of paper.

He sighs. "I think you are."

I give him a look shaking my head as I open my book and look over my notes because I'm bored as fuck.

The bell rings after a long ass period and I can't be more grateful.

I leave the class room and I make my way to my music class.

I go in and take a random seat, I look around and see all kinda of instruments.

The drum set catches my eyes and I quickly shake my head from that thought just as quickly as it appeared.

The whole class comes in and the teacher soon follows.

He claps his hands smiling at us. This is a new class, so this is the first time being in here.

"Well hello. I'm Mr. Arnet. So today were just gonna right to the point and your gonna try every instrument in here. It'll take a while to finish and try every type in here but it's to find your sound." He says grinning and some people look happy and some look annoyed and pissed off.

I on the other hand seem in between.

"Okay so I'll start you guys off by letting you pick an instrument and seeing how that goes. Oh, I've got a paper with each instrument on it. You I've to play the instrument for at least 5 minutes, no less." He says handing out the paper.

I take it and look it over and I can't help but shift a little feeling stares burning into me.

"Okay. Go ahead." Mr. Arnet says.

Everyone gets up and rushes to there friends and to instruments that they want.

I slowly look around thinking but my mind keeps drifting back to the drum set where some random dumbass is plying it all wrong, and it sounds horrible because something's off with it.

Ugh there doing it wrong and it hurts my ears.

"You know you can try them out right?" I jump and see Mr. Arnet smiling at me.

I shrug.

"He's sounds horrible." I mumble and he chuckles nodding.

"Yes, the drums are not his thing." He says and I chuckle along with him.

"Do you play anything?" He asks.

"A couple of things I guess." I say twirling my pencil.

"Like guitar?" He asks and I nod my head.

He grins before getting up and rushing over to the acoustic guitars and comes back handing it to me.

"Try it. Come on." He says then adds, "Not to be rude but what's your name?"

"Ashton Irwin." I say taking the instrument and putting my fingers on the right strings and stuff.

I start playing a random tune that came to my head and I feel like the whole class stopes to see what I'm doing.

This needs lyrics.....

But I don't talk. Or sing.

I strum it again, and words just come to my mind, spilling quietly out of my mouth.

"Now we're stuck in the middle of nowhere, Yeah, you know we took our time to get there." I quietly sing.

Where the hell did those come from?

I glance up at Mr. Arnet and he seems amused. "Did you just sing lyrics?"

I shrug but then nod my head.

"Did you write them yourself?"

Again I nod my head.

"That's awesome. You don't meet many people that write lyrics." He says and I smile.

"Okay class next instrument!" He shouts and people groan but move onto the next one.

I hand the guitar back to him and I smile sheepishly.

I get up and walk towards a bass.

I pick it up and check it out first and nod my head.

I strum it but a hand stops me. I look up to see Casey, the head cheerleader in her tiny uniform with her curled hair pinned back and her green eyes looking at me filled with lust.

"Hey there, Ashton right?" She says and I nod. She takes the bass away from me, setting it aside before sitting on my lap so she's straddling me.

My eyes widen as she puts her hands on my chest and they go to my arms.

"I didn't know you had amazing arms." She says and I look around for any sign of help but realizing I'm in this class alone.

Well shit.

"Casey, what are you doing?" Saved by Mr. Arnet. Thank god.

She looks over her shoulder at the teacher before slowly getting off me.

She winks before walking away and I see Mr. Arnet nod at me and I mouth thank you to him.

The bell goes and I leave, heading to my locker where I see Luke leaning while on his phone.

I go over to him and wrap my arms around him. All these girls are starting to scare me.

"Hey what's wrong?" He asks concern in his voice.

"To many girls." I mumble into his neck and he chuckles.

"That's what you get for being hot as hell." He says and I pull back. he leans down and kisses my forehead.

"C'mon let's go get some lunch." He says and I nod after putting my stuff back in my locker.

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