6. home

It was the next day I get to see Lukey I was getting dressed I decided on a pink crop top with black skinny jeans and my blue converse I walked downstairs riker asked me where I was going I said Luke is picking me up we are going to the movies he said okay here I said what is this he said its $500 for you since you don't have any money he sai buy clothes and other stuff I said thank you riker he hugged me the doorbell rang I went to it it was Luke he hugged me and kissed me I said by to riker and rocky they said be safe I said we will we were walking to the movies cause like didn't have a car we were walking and Luke said get on I'll give you a ride I got on his back and he carried me he put me down when we got there he kissed md and we went and saw dolphin tale 2 it was sad but good me and Luke were walking home we got to my house he kissed me goodnight I said bye Luke

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