2. gone

They asked me if I was okay I said I'm find but I need to find my family they said who is your family I said r5 is my family the lynchs they said we are touring with them they are coming

they came over and Ross saw my bracelet and said Hannah I said yes Ross he hugged me and so did rocky riker and rydel I was glad I had my family back I went home with my family riker drive me and rydel rode with Ross and rocky riker asked where had I been I said I have wen here he said we never stopped looking for you I said I know have mom and dad he said no they miss you a lot I said I missed them to an you all we pulled in our driveway riker said are you ready I Said yes we walked in I saw my mom she saw my bracelet she hugged me I hugged her back our dad came in and our mom said it's her mark he hugged me and ryland and out and asked who I was I said I'm Hannah your sister he hugged me riker and rydel said let's get you cleaned up then you can go to bed rydel and me and riker went to me and rydel share bedroom she handed me some of her clothes I said thanks she said it's no problem you are my baby sister I said yeah I really missed having a girl she said me to I went and showered and rydel helped me with some cuts and bruises I still had we got me all cleaned up we went to riker and Ricky's room riker hugged me and so did rocky I said I missed you guys so much they said us to rocky said we got you this when you were 4 but we never got to give it to you I said thank you I opened it it was a bracelet I saw at the mall when I was 4 I wanted it but we could never afford it

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