4. falling in love

When we got to the mall Luke was there along with Ashton rydel went with Ashton and me and Luke went to hot topic and got me some skinny jeans and some T-shirts riker gave me money to buy stuff we were walking and Luke stopped me and asked me if I liked him I said of course I do Luke I actually have a crush on you he said so you won't mind this then he kissed me I kissed back rydel and ash came over while we were kissing and rydel pulled me away and said what was that I said it was a kiss rydel stop being overprotective she slapped me I ran to ash and Luke they hugged me and took me to there place where riker and rocky were I said great there here Luke grabbed my hand and kissed me we walked up to the door and walked in riker and rocky came to me and asked me why my face was red I said ask rydel she slapped me riker asked me why I said because me and Luke date he said what since when I said since today you can't control my life riker said I guess your right I guess it's fine if you two date I said thank you riker they told Luke he better not hurt me

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