Dont Forget Where You Belong

The girl that never cries, never wines, never shows emotion. Never trusts anyone. From virginia to california after 5 years being in that horrid house. Lonely. Unpopular. Unloved. Alone. That's how she lived, but she was used to it. Finally away from all the drama of her foster house who didn't want her anymore. Starting a new life, searching for a new place.


5. Chapter 5

Will's P.O.V

I woke up at two am to the sound of screaming. I got up and ran to Morgan's room. I opened the door to see Morgan there screaming, crying, and sweating rapidly. I ran to her side and pulled her into a hug. I rocked her in my arms and Nash ran to me and sat next to me. I held her close to me and she started to calm down immediately. I hummed in her ear and looked at Nash. "Lil bro go back to bed, I got her."

"Are you sure?" He asked and I nodded. He left the room and I lay back with Morgan in my arms. She was my sister, and even though we're not blood related I still have to protect her, especially after everything she told me that happened to her.

~~~~~~~~later that morning~~~~

Morgan's P.O.V

I woke up in Will's arms. When did he get in-oh no please tell me I didn't wake him up. I thought and Will moved closer to me tightening his grip. I winced in pain and he woke up. "Hey sis."

"Did I wake you up during the night?" I asked and he nodded. "I'm so sorry Will." He let me go and looked at me.

"It's fine sis. Are you ok though?" I nodded and he looked at me concerned. I sighed. "Wanna talk about it?" I nodded and explained everything to him. He's my older brother and I know I can tell him anything.

Nash 's P.O.V

I sleepily got up early and made breakfast. I was worried about Morgan though, because of last night. I was just about to get Hayes when he walked into the kitchen. "Hey lil bro." I said and he turned around.

"Oh so now you're nice to me."

"What are you talking about?" He looked at me kinda angry.

"That bitch Kayla changed you. I said one thing and you tell me to stop." I looked at him with wide eyes. "Your just a dumb ass now who is with a slutty whore." He said and I felt my anger building up. I pushed him and he punched me. I tackled him and we fought in the kitchen. I heard a scream and looked up to be punched in the face. Everything looked blurry and I felt light headed. I fell back in someone's arms and passed out.

Hayes P.O.V

Nash was passed out and to be honest he deserved it. He was dating that bitch Kayla who changed my loving brother into a tool. Sure I love my brother, but he was being a complete ass. Morgan was horrified by what she saw and ran to her room. While Will took care of Nash I ran to Morgan's room and we talked for hours. We were becoming very close and I decided to be her little brother since Will is her older brother. She told me everything and I knew that the bitch Kayla needed to stay away from Morgan or she'll hear about it from me.

Morgan's P.O.V

I got a text from Owen saying to end my friendship with Nash. I didn't/don't want to, but I'm afraid if I don't Owen will hurt Nash. I walked down stairs to Nash and I looked down. "Nash, I..... I can't be your friend anymore because Owen doesn't want me to be." I said and he came up to me.

"Why don't you just break up with him?" He asked and I looked into his eyes.

"I-I can't"

"So your just gonna let him control your life?!" He yelled in my face and I inched back.

"I'm sorry."

"You don't even love him. Why can't you just break up with him?!"

"Because I'm afraid!" I yelled tears streaming down my face taking off my make up revealing the marks Owen made.

"Did Owen do that to you?!" He yelled. Will came over and pulled Nash back to see bruises and cuts. He pulled me in a hug. I broke down crying and he hugged me tightly.

"Please don't do anything your going to regret" I whispered in his ear. He pulled back and looked at me concerned.

"Are you ok?" He asked and I was about to answer when Sky came over and hugged me.

"Good morning Morgan." she said smiling. I smiled back and kissed her forehead.

"Morning sweetheart."

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