Dont Forget Where You Belong

The girl that never cries, never wines, never shows emotion. Never trusts anyone. From virginia to california after 5 years being in that horrid house. Lonely. Unpopular. Unloved. Alone. That's how she lived, but she was used to it. Finally away from all the drama of her foster house who didn't want her anymore. Starting a new life, searching for a new place.


4. Chapter 4

Morgan's P.O.V (2 weeks later)

It's been about two weeks since I was in the hospital after hyper ventilating. Since that day Cam and Nash were watching me carefully. I was currently walking around the mall when I bumped into a guy. I was knocked down on top of him. I stood up and looked down fearfully. "I'm sooo sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. Are you ok?" I asked frantically. He chuckled and stood up. He stared at me for about 5 minutes.

"Woah. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." He said and I blushed.

~~~~~~~~~weeks later~~~~~~~~


I was watching a movie with just Morgan. Kayla was out for the weekend visiting old friends and Morgan's boyfriend was out of town. Yep that's right. I said boyfriend. She hooked up with this bastard who only yells in her face and doesn't even care about her. Oh and I forgot to mention, Hayes, Will, and Skylyyn are coming home this week. Sadly, my parents wont be back until the end of summer, but it will only be my mom. See my dad is always busy and is barely ever home. I still haven't told Morgan about my siblings. I want it to be a surprise. I looked down at Morgan when I realized she was asleep. I decided it would be better if I put her in my bed. I carried her to my room and was about to go down stairs when she grabbed my arm. "Sleep with me?" She asked and I nodded. Tomorrow my siblings will be back home. I fell asleep thinking about Morgan.

~~~~~~~~~early next morning~~~

I was awoken by the noise of the front door opening. I slowly got up careful not to wake the beautiful angel that's sleeping next to me. I went down stairs and was embraced by Will hugging the life out of me. I hugged back and he let me go. I walked to Hayes and we just did a fist bump. Skylyyn came up and hugged me tightly. "Nashy!" She yelled and I picked her up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I held her close to me.

"Did you miss me?" I asked and she nodded.

"Did you miss me Nashy?" She asked and I hugged her. I heard Will say 'oooo' and I looked at the stairs to see Morgan there with her make up already done and she was dressed in a nice outfit. She looked even more angelic. Wait Nash no you can't say that you have Kayla. she's your best friend who HAS A BOYFRIEND. I shook my head and looked at Will he had a smirk on his face. I went to the stairs and helped Morgan down.

"Morgan this is Will, my older brother, Hayes my younger brother and this sweet little thing is my baby sister Skylyyn." She smiled and Sky tapped my shoulder. She cupped her hands around my ear and whispered to me.

"Nashy, is she nice?" She asked and I nodded. Morgan then looked me in the eyes.

"Ok Sky time for a nap" I said and she nodded.

"Nashy can you read me a story?" She asked.

"Sorry sweetie, but I have to do something."

"I'll read to you, if you want?" Morgan asked and Sky's face brightened. I gave her to Morgan and she carried her upstairs. I smiled and Will asked once she was out of earshot.

"You like her don't you?" He asked and I thought a moment. Do I? I mean she's my best friend, but do I love her more than a friend? "Haha dude, where's that bitch Kayla?" He asked. He never liked Kayla. Oh shit she comes back today.

"You know she's still my girlfriend." I said and he frowned.

"Still?" I nodded and the door to the house opened. In came Kayla. She came up to me and kissed me. Hard. I kissed back and then I realized Will was still in the room. I pulled back and she smirked.

"Hello Will" She said and he huffed. She walked to Hayes and he just walked away. "What you aren't my buddy anymore?" She asked a grin plastered on her face.

"We were never 'buddies'" HE said and Will and I laughed.

"Nash you're just gonna let him talk to me like that?" She asked and I straightened up.

"Hayes stop" I said and I saw Kayla smirk again. Hayes walked pass me to his room. Morgan came back down and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Kayla. She looked almost petrified. I looked at Kayla and she was grinning. Morgan ran to her room and Will followed her.

Morgan's P.O.V

I ran to my room and lay on my bed. Someone came to the room and knocked on the door. I looked up and it was Will. I motioned for him to come in. He sat on my bed and just hugged me. I needed one. Why was he doing this though? I mean I just met him and he's being so nice to me like his brother. "Wanna talk about it?" He asked and I looked at him. I nodded and told him everything. "Wait wait so Kayla has that against you?" He asked and I nodded. He just hugged me and for once it felt like I had a brother. He chuckled. "You do know you said that out loud right?" I blushed. "Well it would be my honor to be your older brother and I'm sure Sky would be happy to have you as a sister." He said and I smiled.

"Thanks for everything Will." He just hugged me.

"Hey what are big brothers for?" He said and I laughed. "Well sis I gotta go out. Stay safe until I get home and if you need anything, anything at all, don't be afraid to call my phone." I nodded. He hugged me and left. I picked up my phone and I saw that Owen was calling me. I answered scared.


O-Hey, babe I'll be there to pick you up in five minutes so get ready


I said and hung up. I rushed to get ready. I was almost done when there was a knock on the door. I ran down stairs and got the door. Owen pulled my arm to get me out the door. He threw me in the car and I felt dizzy after hitting my head on the headboard thing. I Sat up as soon as Owen was in the car. He smelled like alcohol. This wasn't going to end well.

~~~~~two hours later~~~~~~~~~

I walked into the house at 5:30 pm and the guys looked up at me. Sky ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I picked her up and spun her in my arms. She was so adorable. After setting her down I went to my room and lay on my bed and looked at the ceiling. My eyes started to get heavier and heavier. Before I knew it I was knocked out in sound sleep.

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