Dont Forget Where You Belong

The girl that never cries, never wines, never shows emotion. Never trusts anyone. From virginia to california after 5 years being in that horrid house. Lonely. Unpopular. Unloved. Alone. That's how she lived, but she was used to it. Finally away from all the drama of her foster house who didn't want her anymore. Starting a new life, searching for a new place.


3. Chapter 3


I walked back down stairs and looked at Cam. "Can you go up stairs and sit with Morgan?" He nodded and walked up stairs. Kayla walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed me and I kissed her back.


"No stay away from me!"I screamed running down the street. Mora, my foster mother, was running after me. She was drunk and beating me. I looked at the end of the street to see Nash standing there watching. I ran to him and hugged him tightly. He pushed me back and my foster parents laughed. "Please no! No!!" I screamed and felt a pain in my chest. I jumped up and looked around. Nothing looked familiar. I took in my surroundings and screamed when I saw a guy shirtless with brown hair and a very tan, toned body. The door opened and I saw Nash standing at the door with his girlfriend. She was smirking at how much of a mess I looked. Nash ran over to me and hugged me tightly. I broke down in his arms. "Shhh its ok. I'm here." He whispered. "What happened?" He asked softly. I was shaking and could tell they were all staring at me.


I was holding Morgan close to me. she was crying very hard. I was down stairs when I heard her scream. "I should go check on her." I said standing up. Kayla starred at me.

"Why?" She asked. I could see the jealousy behind her eyes.

"She could be hurt." I said and she grabbed my arm.

"Cams up there remember?" I nodded and sat down. She grabbed my head and pulled me in to kiss her when Morgan screamed again, only louder this time. It made my heart beat faster worrying that something bad happened. I ran upstairs and opened the door quickly to see Morgan on the bed looking as frightened as ever. I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her pulling her into my chest and she broke down crying in my arms. I rubbed my fingers through her hair and softly whispered in her ear. She started to shake and gasp for air and I realized that she couldn't breath. "Cam call the ambulance!" I yelled and picked Morgan up in my arms. I carried her downstairs and waited for the ambulance to show up. I was panicking and could feel tears in my eyes. I don't know why or what happened.

a/n: umm sorry if this is boring. i trouble writing this so. awww poor Nash!

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