Dont Forget Where You Belong

The girl that never cries, never wines, never shows emotion. Never trusts anyone. From virginia to california after 5 years being in that horrid house. Lonely. Unpopular. Unloved. Alone. That's how she lived, but she was used to it. Finally away from all the drama of her foster house who didn't want her anymore. Starting a new life, searching for a new place.


2. Chapter 2


I was driving and Morgan fell asleep. It was 5 in the morning in Cali. She started screaming and crying. I pulled over and pulled her into a deep embrace. "Shhh its ok." She woke up and blushed. She looked at me tears in her eyes.

"I-I'm sorry." She stuttered and I just nodded.

"Wanna tell me about it?" I asked and she nodded. I drove and she told me everything about her foster mother treating her like shit. I felt bad for her. "You're not going back there." I said and I meant it. She nodded. I pulled up to my- our house and she gasped.

Morgan's P.O.V

"This is your house?" I gasped and he nodded. "It's huge." We got out and walked up to his door. A blonde girl opened the door and hugged him. She looked at me. She pulled back.

"Nashy who is this?" She said with a bitchy attitude.

"Kayla this is Morgan, Morgan this is Kayla, my girlfriend." I looked down. "Hey you ok?" he asked and I nodded. We walked in and I saw another attractive male on the couch. He sat up and bro hugged Nash. He looked and starred at me. I rubbed my arm up and down. The boy asked to talk to Nash in the kitchen leaving me and Kayla alone in the room. Great. She stepped towards me.

"Nash is mine. Stay away from him." She said.

"And why should I?" I asked and she grinned.


"Nash can I see you in the kitchen please?" Cameron asked. I followed him.

"What's up bro?" I asked.

"Who was that babe you brought with you?" I felt a ping at my heart when he said 'babe'.

"Her names Morgan" I said and he looked at me. Something made a big bang.

"What was that?!" I asked and Cameron shrugged.

"Wait did we leave Kayla and Morgan alone?!" He asked. I ran out and saw Morgan on the floor.

"What happened?!" I yelled running to Morgan.

"She passed out." Kayla said. I picked Morgan up and carried her to my room. I put her on my bed under the covers.

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