Dont Forget Where You Belong

The girl that never cries, never wines, never shows emotion. Never trusts anyone. From virginia to california after 5 years being in that horrid house. Lonely. Unpopular. Unloved. Alone. That's how she lived, but she was used to it. Finally away from all the drama of her foster house who didn't want her anymore. Starting a new life, searching for a new place.


16. Chapter 16

Morgan's P.O.V

@MorganMendesOfficial: No one cares about you.

@MorganMendesOfficial: Just kill yourself already.

@MorganMendesOfficial: Taylor DOESN'T love you!

@MorganMendesOfficial: You're looking for attention. I bet Shawn isn't even your real brother.

@MorganMendesOfficial: I bet you made up a sad story to tell the guys and they felt bad so they act like they like you.

I was looking at my Twitter. All that hate was to me. I don't even know why. I didn't do anything so whyam Igetting so much hate? I re-read them and couldn't take it anymore.
I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my blade and the bottle of pills. I put 5 slits on each arm, poured all the pills into my hand, and swallowed them all. I slid down the wall next to the toilet and sat\lay there. Watching all the blood flow from my arms. 
Slowly, I felt my body start to shut down. I couldn't move and my eyes were getting heavier. I was on the border of consciousness and unconsciousness. 
Before falling unconscious I heard the door to the room slam open and heard yelling. My eyes closed and I felt something pick me up. I felt wet drops on my shirt. That's the last thing I remember. 
"Call an ambulance!" I yelled as I held Morgan's unconscious body. She was so fragile. 
"Wh- Morgan! Someone call a fucking ambulance!" Taylor yelled as he ran to me and took Morgan in his own hands. 
Taylor started crying which is very rare. From the time I've known Taylor, I have never seen him cry. 
Soon the paramedics came bursting in the door with a stretcher and took Morgan. They placed her on the bed type thing and felt for a pulse. 
"We need to hurry. She barely has a pulse!" One paramedic yelled and Morgan was rushed out the room with Taylor behind. 
"Sorry boys only one person is aloud in the ambulance with her." Taylor looked a me. 
"Taylor, you go." I said and he nodded, stepping in the car. 

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