Same Mistakes(1D/Viners)

Mery and Skarlette walked into 1D world to buy some items from their favorite band. Little did they know that they would actually be meeting their idols. Niall and Zayn have been feeling in the dumps. Niall still hasn't found the 'one' yet and Zayn and Perrie has been fighting non stop since Zayn proposed to her. Perrie has threatened to break the engagement off several times and Zayn couldn't do anything about it. Will Niall finally find the 'one'? Will Zayn and Perrie still get married? Or will Zayn fall in love with someone else? Continue reading and find out....


7. Chapter 7

Skarlette's P.O.V   

I couldn't handle it. I went to my favorite bar and got drunk. When I was sure I was beyond drunk I went to my car and drove. I know it's dangerous driving when ur drunk, but right now I didn't care. I was driving down to the river when I crashed. My cite went black. The last thing I remember was a black SUV.

Mery's P.O.V       

I opened my door and standing there was Virginia with tears in her eyes. Virginia is Skarlette's half sister. She very pretty. "Virginia? What happened? Why are you crying?" I asked and she just broke down crying. I helped her up and the next five words she said I couldn't believe. 

"S-skarlette got into a car accident." I hoped it was just a joke, but sadly it wasn't. 

"Where is she?" I asked.

"I-in the hospital." 

"You left her alone?!" I yelled. She shook her head. 

"N-niall Horan is there. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik gave me a ride over here." She said. I nodded my head and we walked to the car. When we got in I looked at Zayn. 

"Look Zayn-"

"We can go out tomorrow night or some other night. Don't worry bout it love." He's just so understanding. He's a keeper. We got to the hospital and I was the first one out. I ran in and asked where Skarlette's room was. She led me to a room and I saw Niall at Skarlette's bed side. This is all my fault. She's here because of me.

Niall's P.O.V          

This is all my fault. I shouldn't have yelled at her. I can't believe I caused this. Mery probably hates me now. "M-mery I'm sorry." I said my voice shakey.

"For what? This is my fault. I shouldn't have said anything."

"No this is my faul-" 

"This isn't either of your faults." Skarlette said in a faint whisper. I turned to look at her and she looked broken. She tried sitting up and whimpered in pain. I went to her and helped her.


A/N: What is Niall gonna say to Skarlette? What will happen to Mery and Zayn? What will happen with Skarlette? What will hppen to Virginia? 

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