Same Mistakes(1D/Viners)

Mery and Skarlette walked into 1D world to buy some items from their favorite band. Little did they know that they would actually be meeting their idols. Niall and Zayn have been feeling in the dumps. Niall still hasn't found the 'one' yet and Zayn and Perrie has been fighting non stop since Zayn proposed to her. Perrie has threatened to break the engagement off several times and Zayn couldn't do anything about it. Will Niall finally find the 'one'? Will Zayn and Perrie still get married? Or will Zayn fall in love with someone else? Continue reading and find out....


22. Chapter 22


 As I was sitting there dieing, I was wondering how much better Mery's, Nash's and everyone's elses lives will be when I'm gone. I doubt anyone would miss me. I'm a nuecense. 

"Skarlette!" I heard yelling and shot up. I was crying really hard and my breaths were coming out in heavy pants. I still felt little pain, but I don't know why. I looked to my side and saw Nash sitting in a chair next to my hospital bed. Hospital bed? When did I get in the hospital? "Are you alright?" He questioned. 

"What am I doing here?" I asked. My voice came out hoarse and raspy.

"Babe, on our way to meeting my parents for dinner, we were walking in the road and a car was coming. You got hit, but it's not that bad. I am sooo sorry. If anything I wish I was the one who got hit." I tried to smile, but failed. 

"It's fine. I'm alive aren't I?" I said jokingly and he looked down. 

"Barely. It's all my fault." He muttered. His phone started ringing and he said he had to leave because his mom needed him. I sat in the empty hospital room for hours looking at my phone and I got a text from..... Jake. 

That was just a warm up sweet heart. You're in for worse pain soon.-Jake P.S Next time I'll hit your little boyfriend too. 

What have I done? Nash is in danger, and it's all my fault. I can't do this. I can't let him get hurt because of me. I can't let anyone get hurt because of me. I have to leave. I can't be around anyone. I called a nurse in and asked if I could leave. She said I could, but I need to sign a few papers. After I did all that I was free to go. I walked out of the hospital in my old clothes and called a cab. I had him drive me to the store and bought hair dye. I then had him take me to a hotel. I paid for a hotel room for about 2 days. I went to my room and went straight to the bathroom. I got the stuff for dying my hair ready. Pitch black hair here I come. 
~~~~~~~An Hour Later~~~~~~~
Morgan's P.O.V
"What do you mean she left?!" I yelled at the nurse at the front desk. 
"She left about an hour ago." She stuttered. Nash and I were currently standing in the hospital. We came to visit Skarlette, but when we got here she was no where to be found. 
I looked in the mirror. My hair looks good in black. I need to change my name now.

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