Same Mistakes(1D/Viners)

Mery and Skarlette walked into 1D world to buy some items from their favorite band. Little did they know that they would actually be meeting their idols. Niall and Zayn have been feeling in the dumps. Niall still hasn't found the 'one' yet and Zayn and Perrie has been fighting non stop since Zayn proposed to her. Perrie has threatened to break the engagement off several times and Zayn couldn't do anything about it. Will Niall finally find the 'one'? Will Zayn and Perrie still get married? Or will Zayn fall in love with someone else? Continue reading and find out....


20. Chapter 20


Morgan's P.O.V

I got an unexpected call from Liam when I woke up. I picked up and heard the voice I've missed for months. "Hello?" He said.

"Hi Liam." I said and looked around. No one was home. 

"Where are you? And Skarlette?" He asked and I didn't know what to say. How did I forget to tell him? 

"Oh. Well, we went back to Cali, with Nash and  the viners." 

"What?! Why?!" He asked. He sounded upset. 

"I'm not living here. I think Skarlette is moving in with Nash though. They've gotten really close." I said and he sighed in relief,. Then took in what I said.

"What?! No! Skarlette can't move in with that guy Nash!" He yelled. 

"And why not?!" I snapped. 

"Because......." He trailed off. 

"Look, Liam. It's Skarlette's desicion. If she want to move in with them then she can."

"Fine. When are you coming home?" He asked and I thought.

"Ummm........ in about 4 weeks."

"Ughhhhh. I have to wait that long?!" He yelled and I giggled. 



"Nooooo Nashhhhhhhh. I don't want you to goooooooo" I said as he got off the bed, waking me up in the process. 

"Skarlee you can come if you want." He suggested. 

"Ok fine, I guess." I got up and got changed. We were going to dinner with his parents tonight since I haven't seen them in a while. Oh, I forgot to mention one tiny detail about the other reason. Nash and I are finally dating! I know, I know amazing. I went on my phone while waiting for Nash to get done. I looked at Instagram and saw pictures of Nash. Each caption said something like 'My bae Nash' or 'Ahhhh my sexy bae'. We didn't go public with our relationship yet, so no one knew we were dating. Not even Morgan. I'm kinda nervous though because, well let's face it. I already get hate for dating then breaking up with Niall. I winced at his name. It still hurts that he broke up with me. Well now he's dating a model, so why should I care? I'm dating Nash. It doesn't even matter if Niall is dating. I have Nash. 

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