Same Mistakes(1D/Viners)

Mery and Skarlette walked into 1D world to buy some items from their favorite band. Little did they know that they would actually be meeting their idols. Niall and Zayn have been feeling in the dumps. Niall still hasn't found the 'one' yet and Zayn and Perrie has been fighting non stop since Zayn proposed to her. Perrie has threatened to break the engagement off several times and Zayn couldn't do anything about it. Will Niall finally find the 'one'? Will Zayn and Perrie still get married? Or will Zayn fall in love with someone else? Continue reading and find out....


15. Chapter 15

Skarlette's P.O.V        

I was sitting with Niall at Nandos, after he practically begged me to go, when I saw a familiar face I haven't seen since I moved here. "Nash!!!!!" I screamed and he looked at me. His eyes widened when he realized it was me. I got up and ran to hug him. He picked me up and twirled me around in his arms. He's my best friend from Cali and he's also famous for his vines. He set me down and kissed my forehead. I looked at Niall and he didn't look happy at all. "What are you doing here?!" I pretty much screamed. 
"Magcon tour (viners event)." I hugged him tight. "what are you doing here?" he asked I looked at Niall. 
"I moved here cause of...." I hesitated to say his named. "J-jake." I muttered. He looked at me concerned. 
"Are you ok?" I nodded and put on a fake smile. "Look I have to go before the guys go crazy. I'll text you later." He let go and left. I walked back to my table and Niall was pissed. 
"Ni?" He looked at me. "Its not-" 
"Save it. I don't want you to lie to me." I got up and walked out. Tomorrow is his tour and I can't believe he's mad at me. 
~~~~~~~~next morning~~~~~~~
I woke up to Morgan and the girls running out the door to the car. I joined them and not long did it take us to get to the airport. i walked to the guys and they all said their goodbyes, all except Niall. He went on the plane and I cried. I didn't make a scene though. I just looked down so no one would see me. I got a text from Nash and smiled.
*From Nash
Hey wanna hang out with the guys and I? 
*To Nash 
I would love to

a/n: so since im obsessed with nashgrier i had to put him in my story. after my 1d stories im gonna write some viner boys stories. be sure to read. thanks loves.

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