Same Mistakes(1D/Viners)

Mery and Skarlette walked into 1D world to buy some items from their favorite band. Little did they know that they would actually be meeting their idols. Niall and Zayn have been feeling in the dumps. Niall still hasn't found the 'one' yet and Zayn and Perrie has been fighting non stop since Zayn proposed to her. Perrie has threatened to break the engagement off several times and Zayn couldn't do anything about it. Will Niall finally find the 'one'? Will Zayn and Perrie still get married? Or will Zayn fall in love with someone else? Continue reading and find out....


14. Chapter 14

Morgans P.O.V

Liam sat up and looked at me. "Morgan, are you ok?"

"What happened?" I asked looking at him. He looked down then at me.

"You woke up from a nightmare and then passed out. I made a bed on the beach and laid you down. Do you need anything?" he asked and I shook my head. He looked me in the eyes and frowned.

"Li...." I said softly and he stood up. He walked to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I buried my head in his chest crying. "The dreams won’t leave me alone. Every time I close my eyes I see the accident. He shouldn't have died. It should've been me." I cried. It was true. He’s the reason I regret living. We were supposed to be together forever.

"Morgan, don't say that." he said. He pulled back and kissed me. Louis came out of nowhere and squealed.

“Morgan! What happened last night?"

"Guys.... I passed out because.... I haven't eaten since a few nights ago at Nandos." I said and they gasped. I looked down and Liam picked me chin up. I took off running.

Liam’s P.O.V

Morgan took off running and skarlette walked up to Louis and I confused. "Did you know Morgan hasn't eaten since 4 days ago?" I asked Skarlette and she bit her lip.

"Look Li..... after her old boyfriend... she's been blaming herself for his death and has been starving herself." I looked at her worried. "She stopped for a while... Until......"

"It’s my fault she's starving herself again?" she looked down and now I have my answer. I ran after Morgan and when I found her I hugged her as if this was the last day I would ever have with her. I cried when I saw that she was crying. Her makeup was smeared and she just looked a mess. She broke down right in my arms. I held her. I don't know how long we were like this but I'm guessing it was a while. People stopped and stared at us. When we broke apart I looked at her. We went to go walk back to where the guys and girls were when we saw a mob of fans surrounding them then we heard a gunshot and screaming. We ran down to them and there in the sand bleeding was Skarlette. Niall picked her up and carried her to the board walk. We all followed her and waited for the ambulance to come. Niall held Skarlette close and cried. When the ambulance arrived Virginia rode with Skarlette in the ambulance and I drove Niall.

Skarlettes P.O.V

I woke up in severe pain. I had ivs connected to my body and u saw a bunch on a few people in scrubs in my room. Where was I? In the hospital? Who were these people? Better yet why am I in the hospital? a guy walked over to me. "ahh miss McCall finally awake I see? How are you feeling?" I looked at him.

"Why am I here?"


"You were shot. Any higher and you would be dead." he said and I looked over at the door. Niall came running in and I looked at him. He ran to me and I just looked down.  He hugged me and I whimpered in pain. He backed away and looked at me with sympathetic look in his eyes.

"I'm soooo Sorry Skarlette. It should've been me." He said and I felt simply pathetic. Why would he say that? I'm fine aren't I? I survived. It's not that much better than when I lived with Jake. 

"Why do you care so much about me?" I asked and he jerked his head up looking at me. 


"I said why do you care so much about me?" 

"How couldn't I?"

"Do you just care about me cause of my past?" I asked bitting my lip. I know the answer I just needed to hear it from him.

"No. I would never do that. I love you for you."

"I love you too." I said with tears in my eyes. The doctor walked in smiling.

"Well mam looks like tomorrow you'll be going home." He said and I smiled widely at Niall.

"Yes this means I can go on tour with you." I said and the doctor shook his head. 

"Miss McCall, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you can't go. You need a week to rest." He said and I frowned. 

"Then I won't go. Niall said and I shook my head.

"Niall you have to go." I said and he sighed. 

"I don't feel right about leaving you." He said and I smiled. 

"Niall. I'll be with the girls." I stated and he looked at me with sad eyes. "Ni, I'll be fine." He kissed my forehead and sat down. 

Morgan's P.O.V          

I ran into Skarlette's room with Liam and smiled when I saw that she was ok. I looked at Liam and he was staring at me. I took a shot and kissed him. He kissed back wrapping his arms around my waist. "Ewwww PDA!!!!!" Louis yelled causing me to jump. Liam chuckled and looked at Louis. I pouted and looked at Skarlette. She was smirking. 

"You know you two make a really cute couple." She said looking at me and Liam. I shook my head.

"We're not as cute as you and Niall though." I said looking at Niall who had food from god knows where he got it.

"You're right. You two are way cuter!!!" She yelled and Niall whined.

"Heyyy that's not true! We're the cutest!!" He pouted and Skarlette kissed him. I just laughed. They were the cutest couple ever. 


A/N: Sorry if this chapter sucks. Couldn't think of anything to write. What'd ya think? Awww Skarlette and Niall!!! I'm still jealous of Liam and Morgan's relationship. They're sooo cute!

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