Fandom Ships

Okay, so I'm going to write short stories about any ship that you guys comment about. (I'm gonna start with Clace, btw.) I might repeat some ships, but the stories will all be new. I'm only gonna do straight ships, I'm not good at anything else. You can do anything from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Divergent, The Mother-Daughter Book Club and The Fault in Our Stars. I might have forgotten a few, so if you want to ask if your fandom is okay, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, this will have some kissing scenes, so if you disagree with that, don't read this. And this is my first story, so.. like... yeah.....


3. FourTris

Four's POV:

This was it. I had lived thirty-six long years, and enjoyed most of them. Now my life was coming to an end. I was going to join my long lost love. Tris. The excitement of meeting her almost made my pain go away. I was dying a noble death, and though I was in so much pain, I was satisfied that I had done something good. I was losing consciousness. My surroundings were hazy, everything blurred. Christina, my dearest friend after Tris's death, was leaning over me. She was crying, sobbing because her one close friend was dying. I used my last breath to say something to her, something that would ease her pain. "I am not afraid. I will see my Tris again...." I whispered. Her eyes grew sad, her tears stopped. She replied with a trace of sorrow in her voice, "She'll be waiting for you." Hearing that, I lost my last bit of life. My soul drifted out of my body, off to meet Tris after so many years.

Tris's POV:

I woke up again at the gates of Heaven, waiting for my beloved Tobias. So many years had passed, yet I hadn't stopped waiting. I would stay here forever until he came. Suddenly, I saw a spirit coming my way. Male and muscular, it looked like Tobias. I sprang up to my feet, and sprinted down the road. Coming closer, I realized that this was not my dear Four, it was some other human. Someone noble, who had helped others during his lifetime, otherwise, he would be walking down the other pathway, the one surrounded by spikes and red-hot lava, specially made for those evildoers that had done wrong in their life.This path led to hell. I was absolutely sure that Tobias would come to Heaven, after all, he had sacrificed so much during his life. The man's soul that I had seen earlier was drifting closer now. He was tall, but not very handsome. He had wide-set eyes, a long nose, and a small mouth. His biceps were a bit too large for my taste, and he was a little on the plump side. As soon as he reached the gates, he was stopped by the guard. ( G= guard, M= man.)

G= Hello. We have been notified of your death. I presume you are Jasper Ronald Wilkinson?

M= Y-yes... sir......

G= And what good deeds have you done in your life?

M= I- I don't think I know, sir....

G= That is all right, I believe I have your records right here. Now tell me, would you like a brainwash, or do you want to keep your memories?

M= A..... a brain wash?? H-how will that be done, s-sir???

G= It's simple. All you have to do is wash yourself with some special water. Your memories will be soaked into that water and will then be disposed of. Nothing to be afraid of.

M= I would like a b-brain wash, sir..

G= All right then, Mr Wilkinson. Come right this way, please.

The guard led Jasper through the left side gates, and returned within a few seconds, looking a bit flustered. He looked at me and sighed.

"These clueless souls can get a bit aggravating at times."

I grinned at him. He and I were quite good friends now, as we both pretty much lived by the gate to Heaven.

I turned to go and called over my shoulder at him.

"I'll be back, just going for a quick jog!"


Four's POV:

 I opened my eyes and saw two paths ahead of me. There was a stern-looking lady standing between them. She eyed me, then rifled through the papers in her hand until she pulled out a file.

"You are Tobias Eaton," she stated.

I raised my chin and nodded.

She stared at me for a few moments and said, "Where do you think you'll be going, Heaven or Hell?"


She looked at me with a frown, then randomly burst out laughing.

"Quite the self-confident one, aren't you?" She said in between fits of giggles.

I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Go on, you were right."

I strode down the pathway marked Heaven, and within a few minutes, came to a man standing in front of a fancy gate. He also looked a bit strict, what with his thin lips, thick mustache, and sleek, combed hair. He also surveyed me for a bit, then he questioned me, "What is your full name?"

"Tobias Eaton . . . sir."

Hearing this, his lips stretched into a grin, and his eyes sparkled. His whole face lit up.

"Oh! Oh my! Oh, I had better tell her! Wait right here," he hollered as he ran off to who knows where.

After a few moments, he came back leading a beautiful, curvy, yet toned and muscular young lady. The second she saw me, she stopped in her tracks. She ask the man something, and he nodded eagerly. She sprinted toward me and leaped into my arms. Then, at last, I realized who it was. Tris. My dear Tris.

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