Don't Leave Me(Matt Espinosa)

Skylar is Nash Grier's twin sister, but she doesn't like all the attention she gets. She dates a complete douche. What happens when she breaks up with him?


9. Uncontrollable(Part 2)

Skylar's P.O.V 

"Y-you promised......" I whispered to no one. Everyone left, including Nash. Matt was passed out in a chair. It has been a week since I came home and everything has gotten worse. 
Nash's drinking has worsened. I had forgiven him for hitting me. Twice. My family pretty much hates him. I can't help, but feel as though it's my fault he is back to his old ways. "It's my entire fault. I'm so sorry. If only I could go back." I felt tears coming down my face. 
There's no use Skylar. No one's here to hear you. No one cares. I got up and went down stairs to get something to eat and saw Nash sitting down on a chair. I couldn't tell if he was sober or not. "Nash?" I asked and he turned towards me. 

"Sky?" He said, but I couldn't decipher if he was sober. I walked closer carefully. Nash is one of those abusive drunks. Well, abusive to me anyways. Amanda walked out from the bathroom and grinned at me.

“Hey Skylar.”

“Don’t talk to me. You’re a slut who hangs with my brother, just to get under my skin.” I spoke truthfully, but ended up with a slap across the face. He’s defiantly not sober. I put my hand to my face, only to be kicked. I was brought to my knees, but it wasn’t anything new. I felt him punch me in the stomach.

“Nash what are you doing?!” Matt yelled.

Matt’s P.O.V         

“What does it look like I’m doing?” He slurred, clearly drunk. I went up to him and punched him hard. He blacked out from being too intoxicated. I turned to Amanda and pointed to the door.

“Get out. Now.” I said gritting my teeth. She smirked and left. I picked up Skylar and carried her to her room, then picked up Nash, slightly heaving since he was heavy. Once I had him in his room I put him in the shower and turned it on.  He jumped up immediately.

“What happened?!” He yelled.

“You hurt Skylar! Again!” I yelled back and he looked down. We sat down and talked for a while and he told me the whole story of why he started to drink again. “Dude, I’m sorry. Skylar, isn’t even mad at you. She’s worried about you. She doesn’t like that you’re drinking again.” I spoke softly. I need to check on Sky.

“Where is she right now?”

“In her room.” He stood up and walked towards her room. I stood up and slowly walked when I heard Nash yell.

“Matt!” He yelled his voice sounding deathly worried. Oh, no. Please tell me she didn’t. I remembered looking at something a few weeks back. A suicidal note she wrote. In the note it said:

Whether it be pills, starvation, a blade, or a knife that takes me. I need to get away from it all. From the drama, pain, misery, everything. I need to leave. There is nothing or anyone that needs me in this world so why stay?

I ran to the room to see Nash holding Sky. Her body was pale. Her arms were bleeding.

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