Don't Leave Me(Matt Espinosa)

Skylar is Nash Grier's twin sister, but she doesn't like all the attention she gets. She dates a complete douche. What happens when she breaks up with him?


3. Put The Blame on Me

Sky's P.O.V

I sat in the waiting room and cried. Why Hayes? It should have been me. I have been here for over an hour or so. Nash has been pacing back and forth. I could tell he was blaming me. I don't blame him either. The nurse walked out and looked at Nash and I. 
"Are you two here for Hayes Grier?" she asked and we nodded. "He's going to be just fine. He only needs to rest. He will be able to leave as soon as he wakes up."

"Thank you so much." we said and walked to his room slowly. Once we got there I saw my baby brother laying there on the bed asleep. I pulled up a seat and sat next to his bed. 
"Hayes, I am so sorry. This is all my fault. I take all the blame. Please forgive me." I cried, barely audible. He turned toward me and I looked down.

"Sky, it's not your fault." He said and I hugged him.

"Hayes, you're here because of me. What if it was worse? What if you....."

"Died?" he asked and I nodded slowly. "I didn't Sky."

"But what if you did?! It would be all my fault! Hayes, you're my little brother! You shouldn't be protecting me!" I screamed.

"Sky, you're my sister. Of course I'm going to protect you." He said softly. I hugged Nash and then kissed Hayes on the cheek.

~~~~~~few days later~~~~~~~~~

Nash's P.O.V

Skylar and I were on the airplane on our way to Magcon. Hayes is still on bed rest, so he's joining us in about a week. Skylar fell asleep so when we landed I carried her off the plane. She was extremely light. She looked so cute when she sleeps (in a sisterly way of course). She woke up when we got to the baggage claim. 
She glanced up at me and I smiled. I put her down and carried our bags. We fought because she wanted to carry her bag her self. After five minutes I won and she was pouting. 
"Awe is wittle Sky upset *cluck* or NAWW?" I asked with a baby voice. she looked at me and cracked up laughing.

"You are so weird you know that?"

"But you looooooovveee meee." I said putting the baggage down and picking her up. She laughed as I spun her around. Once I placed her down I spotted the guys and picked up the baggage. I ran to them and Matthew and Cameron were the first ones to hug me.
Then the other guys did. Sky walked up slowly and stood next to me. All the guys were staring at her. 
"Guys this is my beautiful twin sister Skylar, but everyone calls her Sky." I said and everyone snapped out of their gaze. Sky giggled and gave a small wave. I put my arm around her shoulders and introduced all the guys. Sky was smiling at Matt and he was smiling back. Because I trust Matt I pushed Sky lightly over to him.  He looked at me confused and I slyly smiled.

Matthew's P.O.V

God she is so beautiful. I have to make her mine. But will Nash and Hayes let me date her?
I was snapped back to reality when Nash pushed Skylar my way. She tripped and I caught her just in time. I held on to her and stared in to her eyes. They were warm, soft and friendly. 
I helped her balance then took in her appearance. She had light brown flowing hair, hazelnut eyes, she had a slight tan, she was wearing a baby light blue shirt that went to her waist even though they have sleeves, long jean pants, and some white Jordan's. 
She had some make up on, but it looked natural. She also had a small locket. She didn't look fake like other girls. She looked fragile. As if you say one word and she breaks. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Skylar tapped my shoulder. 
"Umm Matt, we're leaving." She said and I nodded. When we got to the Limo, there was only one seat left. Perfect. "Oh, there's no room for me." I sat down and patted my lap. 

"Here you can sit on me. That is if you don't mind." I said shyly and she walked to me. She sat down on my lap and I felt ecstatic. We hit a speed bump and I fell on top of Skylar. I lifted my self up a little and stared in to her eyes again. 
This time I saw something I wish I hadn't. Pain. Was I hurting her? I stood up quickly and we pulled in to the hotel. A crowd of screaming girls were out front. We stepped out and Skylar was hesitant at first, but then I grabbed her hand and she smiled. We walked through the crowd and girls were screaming hateful words to Skylar.

"You are a disgrace to the Griers!"

"You should just die!"

"You're ugly!"

Were most of the comments. I could tell it was hurting Skylar, because she was grabbing my hand tightly. I turned around and picked her up. I ran with her in my arms in to the hotel. She was clutching on to me tight.


I cried into Matt's chest so no one would see. Once we got in side he put me down and I looked at his shirt then to his face. He looked horrified. And I knew why. My bruised face. 
"Matt I'm s-" He hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear.

"Don't be sorry. Can we talk later?" I nodded and he kissed my forehead. I felt butterflies. Could I be falling for Matt?

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