Don't Leave Me(Matt Espinosa)

Skylar is Nash Grier's twin sister, but she doesn't like all the attention she gets. She dates a complete douche. What happens when she breaks up with him?


12. Finally Home

Skylar's P.O.V

"Sky!" Hayes yelled running to me and wrapped his arms around me. I smiled and hugged him just as tightly. "I've missed you so much." He said and I felt a tear drop on my shoulder.

"I've missed you too Boobear." I whispered letting a few tears fall. He let go and whipped his eyes. I hate when he cries. It's one of the worst feeling, knowing I made my baby brother cry.

"Sky, baby Sky missed you." Nash said and as if on cue, Skylyyn came up to me and wrapped her arms around my thigh. I bent down and picked her up, spinning her around. Just then, Will came down stairs and stopped when he saw me.

"Skylar! I was just about to visit you in the hospital." He said pulling me in for a hug.

"W-will? W-what are y-you doing here?" I haven't seen him since he left for college a year ago.

"Sky, when I heard you were in the hospital, I had to come home. I had to make sure my younger sister was okay." He said. I swore I heard him sniffle. "Sky. I thought I lost my little sister. I'm so glad you're okay." He said, his voice cracked at the end.

Once he let me go, I felt dizzy and almost fell, until Matt wrapped his arms around me. He picked me up bridal style and carried me up to my room. He lay me on my bed and turned to leave. I grabbed his arm.

"Stay with me and cuddle? Please?" I asked and he nodded. I felt the bed dip, and arms wrapped around my waist pulling me to his chest. I drifted off to sleep with Matt's arms around my waist.

A/N: I know, short chapter.

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