Don't Leave Me(Matt Espinosa)

Skylar is Nash Grier's twin sister, but she doesn't like all the attention she gets. She dates a complete douche. What happens when she breaks up with him?


5. Can I Truly Trust You?

Matt's P.O.V

"What are your nicknames?"Sky asked. We were making a you tube video and we were asking each other questions.

"Umm.. Matt, Matty, ME, Mat Mat and that's about it." I truthfully answered. "So here's my question for you. Skylar Melody Grier, will you go on a date with me?"

"Matthew, I- I'm sorry, but I haven't known you for long. I just don't think I can date you yet. I'm sorry." She said and ran out of the room. My heart has literally just shattered. Wait she just ran out of the room! I got up and ran out of the room. "Sky?!"

Sky's P.O.V

Why did I have to say no? I was running with tears in my eyes when I ran into someone. He turned and grabbed me lifting me off the floor and on his shoulder. "Geo put me down!" I screamed. He carried me out of the hotel to the back of the building. Then he threw me down on the concrete. I felt a lot of pain. He started kicking me and all I kept thinking was: I'm going to die. Everything was going black when I heard Matt and Nash yelling at Geo. Please let me live. And with that I passed out.

Matt's P.O.V

"Matt check on Sky!!!" Nash yelled at me as he beat down Geo. I ran to Skylar and once I did I felt my knees give out. Please don't die on me. You have to be ok. Please? I picked her up and felt for a pulse. She barely had one. Nash ran over to me and I gave him Sky. He looked at her then at me with anger and hurt in his eyes. 
He stayed silent and held Sky close to him until the ambulance got here. He rode with Sky and I had the guys take me. Once I got to the hospital I walked in and Nash walked up to me. He fisted my shirt and pushed me against the wall. 
"I told you to be careful with her! She is my other half and now she might die!" He yelled in my face. "I swear to god if Skylar dies you will be next!" He spat and punched me in the face. I stumbled back and a nurse walked out to Nash.

"Mr. Grier? I presume." He turned around and nodded. "Follow me please?"

Nash's P.O.V

"Mr. Grier, Skylar is ok, but has she ever self-harmed?" Self-harm?

"No why?"

"Well sir, we have found cuts on her thighs and her arms under a bunch of bracelets."

"It could have been Geo. Skylar knows better than to cut."

"Ok Mr. Grier. Would you like to see Skylar?"

"Yes please?" She nodded and lead me to a hospital room with my twin sister. I ran to her side and pulled up a seat. I sat down and grabbed her hand. 
"Sky, I am so glad you are ok. I thought I was going to lose you." I whispered whipping away tears. She turned around and gave a small smile. "Are you ok?" She shook her head and frowned.

"Where's Matt?" She asked and I looked down remembering what I said to Matt earlier in the waiting room.

"In the waiting room with the guys I think."

"Can you tell them to come in?" She asked and I nodded. I texted Carter to bring the guys in. Five minutes later the guys walked through the door. Every one except Matt.

"Carter where's Matt?"

"I don't know. He said he had to take care of s-" He was cut off by his phone. He answered and his face fell. Once he hung up he called me over. We walked in the hall and he started crying on my shoulder.

"Carter what happened?" I asked and he looked at me.

"M-Matt. He's in the hospital. He was beaten badly." He cried out. I felt my heart shatter and break. This is all my fault. My best friend is in the hospital because of me.

"What hospital?"

"This one." We walked to a nurse's desk and got Matt's room number. When we asked she told us some thing that I couldn't believe. Matt's in a coma. We went to his room and Carter ran to Matt crying on him. "Matty wake up! You can't leave me!" Carter cried out. He hugged Matt's body for dear life. Matt's body moved out of no where and Carter jumped. "Matty!" Carter yelled hugging him again.

Matt's P.O.V

I couldn't take it anymore. I went back to the hotel and found Geo. I punched him in the face. He looked at me and smirked and punched me. He then beat me down and I couldn't see anything, but blackness. 
I heard someone yelling my name and felt someone hugging me. I fought to wake up. Hugging me was Carter. I felt severe pain every where. "Carter! You're hurting me!" I yelled and he let me go.

"Sorry Matty. Nash is here." He moved and I saw Nash with his head down.

"Matt I'm sorry... I was just yelling out of anger. I didn't mean any of it. Sky was looking for you."

"Nash I understand. I'm sorry Skylar got hurt. I didn't want want her to. I should've protected her better."


"Matt! What happened?!" Skylar yelled running in the room. She ran to me and wrapped her arms around me. I felt a lot of pain, but I ignored it and wrapped my arms around her.

"Sky what are you doing in here?" Nash asked.

"I was let go and Jack G told me Matt was in the hospital."

"I'm fine. I was beaten by Geo." She pulled back and had tears in her eyes. 
"Matt is- are you in here because of me?" She asked. I nodded. "I'm so sorry." She cried and hugged me tightly.

"Sky it's fine."

"Matt I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have said no. It's just I like you a lot. actually scratch that. Matthew Lee Espinosa I think I'm falling in love with you. I said no because I was scared." She had a lot of pain in her eyes.

"Sky, were you scared I would hurt you?" She nodded. "I would never intentionally hurt you. So Skylar Melody Grier will you please go out with me?" I asked and she smiled.

"Why Matthew Lee Espinosa I would be honored to date you." She said and I smiled. I moved over on the bed and patted the empty space.


"Matt I don't want to hurt you more."

"Please?" She sighed and laid on the bed with me. I wrapped my arms around her and the guys took pictures of us.

"Skathew forever!" Carter yelled and Skylar and I laughed. Finally got my dream girl. Matt you can't mess this up.

A/N: What do you guys think? Cute right? No this isn't the end, even though it seems like it. I started writing this story because my best friend Skylar actually has a bad cutting problem like me, but she is still alive because of Matt, so I am grateful for him. umm yea vote and comment please?

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