Don't Leave Me(Matt Espinosa)

Skylar is Nash Grier's twin sister, but she doesn't like all the attention she gets. She dates a complete douche. What happens when she breaks up with him?


6. A Best Friend's Betrayal


I woke up to my phone going off. I grabbed my phone and read the text sleepily.

From Manda:

Hey so I'm coming to MAGCON in Houston! I can't wait to see you and my bae, Nash! See you later booboo

I laughed at my best friend's idioticness. Well Sky, you're up now, so you might as well get something to eat. I got up out of bed and threw on my slippers. I went to wake up Matt, but hell he's just too adorable when he's sleeping. 
I walked down stairs and went to the buffet when I felt someone's arms snake around my waist. I froze. The guy chuckled and I felt like crying. I know exactly who it is. Geo. God why me? Just then he let me go and I found myself in utter shock. I turned around and he winked l at me sending chills down my back. 
I ran back to Matt's room and opened the door to see a very worried Matt pacing back and forth. When he saw me he ran to me and wrapped his arms around me. "Where were you?!" He yelled and I just broke down. I'm pretty sure if you saw me you would think I'm crazy. "Sky are you ok?"

Matt's P.O.V

Sky was passed out in my arms. She was so petite, I had to be careful the way I was holding her. I carefully picked her up bridal style and placed her on the bed. 
I then went in the bathroom and got dressed. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see another very petite looking girl standing there. She had brown hair with blonde tips at the bottom. To be honest her outfit looked kinda slutty. 
"Umm... Matt?" I turned toward Sky and she screamed jumping off the bed and running to the door. "Amanda!" She screamed and they hugged.

"Sky!" The girl Amanda screamed. She winked at me. What the hell? She is supposed to be Sky's best friend, why is she hitting on me? Maybe she had something in her eyes?

"Matt this is Amanda, my best friend. Amanda this is Matthew Espinosa, my boyfriend." Sky said hesitantly. Is she ashamed to be dating me? I held my hand out to shake Amanda's hand. She took it and Carter walked in the room, but stopped when he saw Amanda. He smiled at him and she winked.

"I'm Carter."

"Amanda" she said in a fake voice.

"Well Amanda are you here for MAGCON?" She nodded and he smiled. "Would you like to come with me?"



Awwww Carter has a crush. I was in Matt's room with Amanda getting ready for MAGCON in an hour. We were joking around when there was a knock at the door. We raced to get it and since I was on track I got it first. 
Carter and Matt were standing there with roses. My mouth was wide open. The roses were bright red and looked very beautiful. Matt handed me mine while Amanda grabbed hers from Carter. 
"Matt these are absolutely beautiful!" I yelled and hugged him. I kissed his cheek.

"Let's go!"

~~~~~hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~

MAGCON was very boring. After it was over we decided to go to the pool. Amanda and I didn't take that long. In fact we were the first ones done. We went down stairs and went to the pool. I dived in, but Amanda had to get something from the hotel room. 
Once the other guys got down here I realized that Amanda and Matt were missing. I got out and walked up stairs to the room. I opened the door and turned around. I ran into someone and they wrapped their arms around me. I looked up and saw Cam. The other guys walked to the hotel room. 
I heard Nash yelling and something break. I pushed Cam away from me and ran down stairs and out of the building. I kept running until I came to a park and sat on a swing crying. My phone kept going off. 
How could he? I thought he only loved me. I guess I was just wrong and stupid. But how could my best friend kiss my boyfriend? Isn't she suppose to be the one I can trust? How could I be that gullible? I thought he was different. After....

"Well, well look who it is. Where's your best friends?" I looked up at him. It's him. Geo. I'm alone. No one to help me out of this. Oh no. Please no.

"G- geo stay back." I stuttered.

"Sweet heart, we have unfinished business to attend to. I can't just let you get away." He touched my arm and someone came up to us and removed Geo's body away from me. I looked to see Nash tackling Geo. Matt ran to me and I ran to Nash and Geo.

"Nash Geo stop!" I screamed and then felt light headed and everything started spinning. I fell on the hard concrete.

A/N: Yea so a very dramatic chapter. A lot of shit went down. The next chapter might be boring cause I will be explaining everything that happened. And I mean EVERYTHING.

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