Don't Leave Me(Matt Espinosa)

Skylar is Nash Grier's twin sister, but she doesn't like all the attention she gets. She dates a complete douche. What happens when she breaks up with him?


1. Getting to know the Characters

                                                                                                         Skylar's P.O.V

          Hi! My name is Skylar Grier. You can call me Sky, if you want. Everyone does. Yes, yes I know, I know. My brother is Nash Grier. The famous viner. Hayes is my younger brother. Will, my older brother, doesn't live with us any more. We have the most adorable little sister, Skylyyn.

                                                                                                          Nash's P.O.V

          Hey, most of you girls and guys may know, but for those who don't, I'm Grier, *low voice* Nash Grier. My sister is Skylar, and we're actually really close. Well, after all she is my twin, of course we are close. Our family isn't that normal, I mean we have fights, forgive each other, protect each other, and care deeply for each other, but Hayes and I are Vine famous.

                                                                                                          Hayes' P.O.V

           Hey, it's Hayes! Well, I'm pretty close to my family, but I'm closer to Skylar. I mean, who couldn't love Skylar? She's the nicest girl in school. She's friendly, sweet, and kind, but she is also very fragile. The only thing is, she is dating a complete jerk. He's a senior football star. He's also Nash's best friend. He treats Skylar like shit and it's honestly very sickening. 
I love Skylar, but since she started dating her 'boyfriend', if that's what you even call it, she has been mostly silent and distant, not her normal happy always wanting to hang out with Nash and I. I miss my sister. She was the and still the most important person in my life and I know she means a lot to Nash too. we both miss her very much. I just hope she feels better soon.

A/N: I know it's not the best, but I just love writing. Umm I hope someone reads this.

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