The Thirst: First Taste (Book 3)

Games are a deadly pastime when one player's a serial killer and the other is a vampire. When you throw a recently released inmate into the mix things are bound to get interesting. Flirtation may be a dance, but now they each have a taste for something a bit more risky. All or nothing.


1. Father and Daughter

"Hello, Tătic," Jade said to the man before her.

"Buna ziua, Jade dear." The man spoke with a deep, rich voice accentuated by the lilt of a Romanian tongue.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I think you know. It has been reported that două people, in this same area, are aware of the true existence of akhkharu."

"Only two?"


"Do not sass me Jade," he growled. "You know the lege. Why have they not been put to death?"

"Who says they haven't."


"Don't call me that!" she screamed.


"How dare you talk back to me! I am your father!"

Jade rubbed her cheek from the inside, using her tongue. She knew better than to lift her hand. If she did her father would likely do something worse than just slapping her.

"They're not going to tell anyone. That is why I haven't killed them. Are you happy?"

Her father snorted in disdain." Jade you know you have been a disgrace to me for a long time. Why bother trying anymore?"

"Ok fine. I didn't kill them because I knew it would piss you off. Now are you happy?"

Jade yelped as she was slammed against the wall. Her body was held in place by her father's, and one of her arms was twisted and pinned behind her back. She stiffened as she felt his face close to her neck.

"Jezebel De Rossi, you are hereby sentenced to death for the failure to eliminate not only one, but two, humans upon their discovery of our secret," he hissed in her ear.

"VICTOR!" a voice roared from the head of the alley.

Jade took that moment to bring her elbow back and hit her father in the jaw. Using his surprise to her advantage she shoved both of them away from the wall before kicking her father in the chest. When he let go of her arm she ran towards the head of the alley. But she was cut short as he grabbed her hair yanking her to the ground. Before she could even move a foot was being pressed against her throat.

"Liam," her father hissed. "Stay out of this. It does not concern you."

"I am sorry, Victor, but I cannot. As far as Jade is concerned her problems will always be my problems: her triumphs and victories I will share as well. Besides, you have put her through hell once. I will not allow it again."

"Just go, Liam," Jade gasped.

"You heard my daughter," Victor growled.

"Fine, but I want to say one last thing."

She saw her father make some kind of movement with his hand, like he was permitting Liam to speak.

"Give us a kiss," Liam said.

Jade narrowed her eyes. Only she said that. And what the hell did he mean by us? Just the she heard a sound followed by her father falling to the ground. She looked up to see familiar eyes looking into hers.

"Will?" Before she could even comprehend what was going on she saw something move above him. "Look out!" In a flash she had jumped up and shielded Will as a vampire dropped in from the sky. She screamed out in pain as the blade of a sword connected with her arm, almost shattering it on impact. She kicked the vampire away from her before she heard Liam call out her name. She turned around in time to see him throw something at her. She caught it and wrapped the cloth like material around her cut, in hopes to slow the bleeding down. Foreign words fell from her tongue with the ease of long practice. A moment passed before a deadly sword materialized in her hand. The blade gleamed cruelly in the light and she smirked, pleased.

Reacting quickly Jade swung the sword around and took off the head of the vampire closest to her.

"Jade!" Liam called.

She turned around to see a vampire that was solid ice. She tossed him her sword before a fireball formed in her hand. She threw it at another vampire, who turned to dust, before catching the sword as Liam tossed it back to her. Hearing movement behind her she spun around, only for her sword to be knocked aside by another. Someone else's blade came jabbing at her face nearly spearing her through the eye. Jade hissed, eyes wide, and ducked hurriedly out of the way.

"You think you can beat me at lupta cu sabia?" Victor snarled, still in motion, his arm blurring as he slashed at her a second time.

"No, I know I can beat you," Jade growled blurring even more quickly and weaving between his strikes. Victor simply scoffed with narrowed eyes.

The two figures were phasing in and out of sight as blades kissed air. This was not an elegant dance of flashing swords and wide swinging, dramatic strikes. It was dirty and it was vicious. Kicks and punches were interwoven with stabs and slices.

Seconds slipped by and blood was spurting from jagged lines all across Jade's body. Jade was fast but her father was faster; Jade was strong but her father stronger. A couple of lucky strikes nipped at her father's clothes, but she hadn't even drawn first blood yet. Jade snarled furious and the air made her wounds burn.

Victor chuckled darkly. "You know you can beat me, is that not what you said? You are several centuries too young to even make the attempt." He punctuated his statement with a brutal thrust that not even Jade's vampiric vision could catch. The tip of his sword pierced through her shoulder: skin, muscle, and bone.

Jade strangled a yelp in the back of her throat, more surprised than distressed by the pain. Jade knew she could not actually defeat her father in any fight involving swords. She grasped the blade lodged in her shoulder gripping it tightly enough to cut her own palm. Her blood ran over the metal; Jade smirked. A moment passed before her blood glowed red hot with her power, flashing white hot seconds later. Her father's blade warped and Jade pulled it free of her shoulder before it melted. It collapsed in her clenched fist like clay. Her father quickly dropped what was left of the blade.

"I believe that is cheating."

"Not my fault you can't handle the heat."

Suddenly pillars of fire shot up from the ground where all the vampires stood, turning them to dust, with the exception of Victor.

"You think your little magic tricks will help you here? You think you can stop me? Look at you. You are a mess. I was thinking of just killing you then your little human pets, but maybe I will forceyou to watch them die before I end you."

Jade growled and bared her teeth. "You will not touch them."

Victor laughed evilly. "Who is going to stop me? Tu?"


She turned around and caught the pipe that was thrown at her. In one swift motion she spun back around and connected the pipe with her father's head. He fell to the ground with a thud. She wasted no time jumping on him as she continued to bash his head in, even long after he was no longer moving. She heard someone shouting before strong arms grabbed her from behind. She screamed as she tried to fight them. She had to keep going, she had to kill him.

"Jade! Stop! Stop Jade! That is enough!"

"No! He has to die! This will never end until he dies!"

"Jade you can't kill your father!" Liam was standing in front of her then, trying to push her back.

"Why?! You did! You killed your father for Pandora! To make her stronger!"

"That was because..." he trailed off. "Do you really love him? This Will guy?"

"No, not Will. Not Will."

"Him. The killer?"

"We can't afford to love regular humans, Liam, and most vampires are not capable of it. What does that leave?"

"There are other supers..."

"Oh please. As a race we vampire are above everything else. Like I would really settle down with a mutt?"

"Oh and that daonna is better?"

"He, at least, understands. He understands our blood lust, Liam. It will never be disgusting to him."

"He will never love you back."

"Good. We don't deserve to be loved. He will never know, and that is perfectly fine. Now get out of my way," she growled the last part. She was glad when Liam finally let her go and moved out of the way. "You might want to keep them back." She nodded back to where Will and Hannibal were.

Liam looked to her father before looking at her again.

"If you are sure this is what you want..." he said.

"I am."

"Then I only have one thing to do." He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close. He then planted a very passionate kiss on her lips.

Jade didn't fight him. She knew what he was trying to get across. This was his way of saying goodbye, in case this didn't work. For even if she succeeded killing her father there was no way of telling how the others would feel about it.

After a moment he broke the kiss and ran his thumb over her cheek. "Don't get dead," he said softly.

She chuckled. "Asshole."

He moved to walk away from her but before she knew it she was being thrown backwards. She landed on her ass near where Will and Hannibal were standing. She stood up just in time to see Liam strike down with her discarded sword.

"No!" she screamed as she ran for him. He just caught her in his arms. "It was supposed to be me! You should have let me do it!" she screamed as she hit his chest with her bare hands. It wasn't long before they both collapsed to the ground, her crying and him rocking her back and forth.

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