Touring With Them -CALUM HOOD-

5 seconds of summer the greatest pop rock band out there about to start there world tour but what happens when the most biggest girl band At Harmony joins this 1 year tour well let me tell you something drrraaaammaa...


2. The Tour

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Camila's POV

So today I am going to go to see what tour bus we were going to get and we are all exited well im guessing since the girls are all here in London but with their families but I decided to stay at a hotel with my brother who came to vist me.

'So what did the doctor said'' my brother Zach told me.

'He said I was okay and that everything is going good and you were worrying yourself for nothing told you' I told him

'Im sorry for caring about you sis anyways I have to leave ill try to come and visit you okay' he told me .

'okay bye be carful' I told him

'you too' and then he was out the door and I decided to go shower since my makeup and hair stylist are going to come I decided to put on my clothes by my style which is edgy, girly, and flirty. My clothes:

then they came and did my hair which was a messy bun and a white bow and my makeup was simple and my eyes

after that I thanked them and left to go meet the girls at a starbucks

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