Touring With Them -CALUM HOOD-

5 seconds of summer the greatest pop rock band out there about to start there world tour but what happens when the most biggest girl band At Harmony joins this 1 year tour well let me tell you something drrraaaammaa...


1. The Meeting


Calum Hood POV

Today me and the guys were sitting at the office since we were going to discuss information about our tour we've been here for about 10 minutes and we were already bored. Ohh I didn't introduce myself im Calum Hood from 5sos so now back to the meeting they were making some changes even though we were thinking that it was okay.

''Hello guys so we are here to discuss changes about your tout, it will be extended one more hour and 30 minutes because you guys will be joined by one of the greatest bands out there right now'' Our manager Billy said. Billy was a tall man with a serious face but people always underestimated him but he was a nice person. When he finished that sentence a women came along with 3 other girls one attracted my eye the most she was very skinny had long hair almost on her weight brown dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. The other girls were blonde and looked alike but one had green eyes while the other one had dark blue eyes.

''This guys is At Harmony and her manager Alice'' he spoke.

''Hi guys I'm Alice and this is Anne, Cristal, and Camila'' all the girls raise their hands so we could've know which one was which so he girl I was talking about was Camila. Suddenly I remember where I knew Camila from she had dated Harry Styles but then they became friends.

''So you guys will be touring with them for 1 whole year starting next week so you guys are all leaving to your destinations in 5 hours  and you guys get to stay with your families so go pack and Camila your hotel is ready. So we will meet you here on Monday next week goodbye.'' Alice said.

This is going to be a long tour.................


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