Touring With Them -CALUM HOOD-

5 seconds of summer the greatest pop rock band out there about to start there world tour but what happens when the most biggest girl band At Harmony joins this 1 year tour well let me tell you something drrraaaammaa...


3. Bus and getting ready

Calum Hood's POV

So today me and the guys are in a car and we are going to go to the tour bus so we can decide were we are going to be at. Today was going to be a long day we were going to start our tour today here and then we were going to a part management decided to throw for our first night.

-Skip Ride-

We arrived and Camila was the first one to speak up.

''There here let's go inside I want to see'' Mary then opened the door and they all went inside and we just followed behind them. We enter and the lounge was huge this wasn't like our last bus it was way bigger than that.

After we all settled in our places and talked for a little while we headed out to the O2 arena for our sound check.

Camila's POV

When we arrived there was a bunch of paparazzi's waiting and we all had to go in very fast but I decided to go and take some picture since Mark let me. Mark is like my second dad since I was 5. I spent about an hour taking pictures with them and then I went inside and I sall the girls and the guys eating Nando's .

'' Mila'' my nickname ''here is your food'' then she handed me perri perri chicken and I went to the table were it was all alone and I ate with my phone out. Then I went to go to drink two full cups of warm tea but slowly not fast. Then me and the girls headed to the dance room to start to learn the dances and the guys left to the stage to go and practice since they were starting today first and since they were our opening act. I am exited because this was going to be a very long tour I mean 1 and a half hours for the both of us.

-skip dance rehersal and going to the shower-

I then went to go to put my clothes on which was this

then they Nancy blowed my hair and curled it then she put my bow and started to add some bobby pins for the bow because if not the bow would be falling.

I'm so excited.

''hi Camila'' I turned around and sall the 5sos guys.

''hi guys im guessing you guy finished your sound check'' I told them they were all fresh and clean and smell like perfume do they sweat at all.

''well we finished about 30 minutes ago then we went to the hotel and showered'' I nodded ''not together I mean yeah'' Ashton quickly added.

I just giggled they all looked like I would start to judge them. ''I know what you guys mean'' I said.

Then Michael and all of the guys had a relived face which made me giggle even more ''see I thought we already scared you off'' Calum said.

'' yeah well we have to go get ready bye'' Ashton said and then they left.


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