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1. I don't know

"Dad?" Emily asked. She was sitting at the dinner table eating sausages, beans and chips for tea. "Ummm... Is it okay if I maybe ask some questions about mum?" Dan Howell looked up from laptop and smiled sadly at his ten year old daughter. "Of course." He said quietly. Emily sat quietly for a little while, staring down at her food. "When Mum was poorly, did she... Did she - hurt?" Emily whispered. Dan shut the lid of his laptop. He wanted to burst into tears. It was if someone had ripped open his heart and was trying to see inside it - trying to see the memories of his dead wife. But as much as he didn't want to talk about this, he knew he had to. Emily had a right to know about her own mother and it was Dan's job as a father to be there for her. "Maybe a little." He mumbled after a while. "It was hard for her. Cancer's an awful, awful thing. It struck her and that's hard for anyone. But she was a strong woman. A real fighter, your mum." Dan tried not to cry. Emily didn't make eye contact with him. She was trying not to cry too. "And what about me? Do you think that I - I maybe had anything to do with her getting ill?" Dan shook his head. "Definitely not." He said. "Your birth and your mum getting I'll had nothing to do with each other. It was just bad luck that they happened near the same time." All of a sudden, Emily burst into tears. Dan hurried over to hug, wrapping her in his embrace. "Ssshhh, sshh." He whispered softly, trying very hard not to cry himself. Emily took a deep breath and Dan gently wiped her tears away. "Why are you asking these questions, sweetheart?" Dan asked, kissing her on the cheek. "I don't know." Emily whispered. "We were talking about the school bake sale I'm class today. It was to raise money or some cancer charity and I just... I don't know." Dan pulled her in for another hug. "That's ok." He said quietly. "Half of the time I don't even know myself."

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