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Monti didn't know what to expect when the plane landed. She didn't know what it was going to be like living with her older brother Kevin, after 3 years of not seeing each other. Plus the fact that she will be living with her brother best friend/roommate Ron.

Monti took her time, a long one, on making her way to the baggage claim. She was nervous on seeing her brother and both her parents thought that was ridiculous. But she just can't help it.

Finally noticing her London flagged luggage coming her way, she grabbed it and started rolling it behind her outside where her mother told her Kevin will pick her up. Outside, she hissed at the coldness.

She never knew Chicago can be so cold during the fall.

Looking around she saw no sign of Kevin, even though she doesn't know how he looks like. Supposedly in her parents words he changed a lot. She found a nearby bench and sat down, hugging her shoulder bags as she wrapped her black thin sweater closer around her. She sigh and leaned back against the wall as people around her were hugging relatives, talking on the phone, or getting into taxi's.

Tapping her feet to a music she knew too well, A Love Like War by All Time Low, she started thinking how her life would change now that she will be living here in chicago for maybe 1 or 2 years. Not that many though. She can still do her usual morning run, still hang up her posters that were already sent to Kevins condo, still do her laundry every sunday morning, and still have her night before showers. The only thing change is school, friends, seeing her brother rather than her parents, and the constant visits to starbucks she heard that was right across from Kevins building.

She suddenly heard loud music and she knew it was her older brother due to the song being the annoying bout a week ago. She looked at the direction the music was coming and see its a black 2007 audi, the car Kevin been telling Monti that one day he will have one.

"He actually got it" she mutters smiling and for some reason she cant help but be proud of him.

Kevin's car was already in front of her when Monti made her way to the side of the road. The drivers door opened and soon Kevin got out. Monti is shock to say that he certainly did change.

"Monti?" Kevin ask smiling. He ran up to Monti and hugged her, lifting her up by surprise. "Been so long, wow you actually grown." He says when he put her down.

"I wasn't that short." Monti scowl at him.

"You were shorter than Lexi for god sake! And she's 4 years younger than you!"

Both siblings laughed like it was 2 years ago, sitting on the couch watching episodes of George Lopez.

"Come on kid-" Kevin says grabbing Monti's suitcase. "Let's go home."


When Kevin drove to his apartment building after picking up sushi take out much to Monti's dislike, he gave her a extra key to the building.

"This is the key to go inside the building and this is the key for the room. Now please be fucking careful on not loosing them, they don't give out another key just for free. Need to pay 30 damn dollars for these shits." He says shaking his head.

"Nothing much changed on you I guess." Monti responded smirking. She connected the 2 keys onto her keychain. "Swearing Kevin like always."

"I don't know what changes in me you were expecting but there isn't much."

"Well it's been 3 years since I seen, wrote, and spoke to you so obviously I didn't know what to think." She says as Kevin parked in front of a big glass window building. Monti looked at it surprised. "You live here?"

"Yup, that's what you get for going to college and getting a good job. Now come on, the food is getting cold and Ron is waiting."

Both Monti and Kevin got out of the car and made their way to the building, Monti still shocked with the place Kevin lived while he was smirking pulling Monti's luggage. Going up to the 10th floor, Kevin unlocked the door and opened it.

Pushing it wider, he stepped aside letting Monti go inside. Still smirking, Kevin says "welcome to your new home sis. Make yourself confy."


a/n: background on monti (i love that name so much omg)

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