English Love Affair { Luke Hemmings }

When the boys from 5sos come into the cafe that Cecilia and her friend Ashly work in and Cecilia's love life Is officially over like Ashley's will they fall for Ash and Luke? Idk


1. We Met 4 Boys and almost got killed

I woke up to Ashly's alarm clock I took it and put it on the ground and smashed it with my shoe and went back to sleep and then I heard a sing and remembered I had work today so I got in the shower and I remembered a guy looking for me and Ashly when we were younger but then I heard another ding and got I'm the shower did that mumbo jumbo and got out wrapped a towel around myself and went in my closet and got black skinny jeans and a Nirvanna tank and a coat that says ' Hemming's 96 ' and grabbed my phone and wallet and went down to the cafe.

*****Skip To Cafe******

I grabbed my apron thingy and ran behind the counter to Ashly " The Beast Has Awoken!! " we body bursted out laughing then 4 boys came in we stopped laughing and Ashly went and ran somewhere I told the 4 boys " Excuse Ashly She's Scared If Letting boys Into her Life Again Oh I'm Cecilia" We know how that feels they all I'm Luke that's Ashton call him ash Michael call him Mikey " said in there Australian accents " Aussie Boys? " I said in my Australian , British accent " Yup why aren't you screaming? " " I have no idea why would I be " then I heard a scream from behind me I jumped and turned and bursted out laughing Ashly was making funny faces to me " OMG YOUR 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!!!! " " HOLY! Jeez Ashly and who's 5 seconds of whatever " HEY THATS HURT!! " Ashton said I busted out laughing and Ashly and the other boys joined me " oh by the ways never got your orders " I said pulling out a piece of paper then Ashly came and said " the same? " " Yup and Cecil's can I talk to you in private " I nodded and slid over the counter (Gangsta Style Much Lolz) when we walked to the place he was talking to me his back was facing the boys and Ashly made kissy faces with the boys I giggled abit then Luke asked " do you know a place i could stay " I thought and said " The hotels are Wayyyyyy to expensive here so how bout my house you and the boys can stay at my place ok oh and one more question " he nodded " Do you got FIFA and do you like pizza? " he smirked and nodded and said " yay a girl we can actually hang out with " I giggled at his comment we walked back to the boys and I walked behind the counter I punched Ashly's shoulder " OW YOU BITCH!!!!! " what you get and boys come here " they all looked at me and hid behind Luke I laughed and Luke walked out of my way I punched Ashton first then Calum then next Mikey " I don't think that's a good idea " Luke said but I punched him anyways he punched me back then I pulled his hair he screamed like a girl I fell on the ground laughing then I got up and walked back behind the counter and whispered " who do you like ashyyy " and made kissy sounds she tried to punch me but I stopped her fist and laughed and said " Like That Will Ever Happen " then she kicked me I shoved her into Ashton's face and laughed with the boys then we all said through our laughter " you may kiss the bride! " they blushed and ash whispered something to Luke and ashyyy whispered something to me " I like him ".


Luke's Pov

When we got to Cecilia and Ashly's Apartment it was huge I pulled out FIFA out of my bag and Ashly scream then a gun shot we ran in their room and looked then walked on the closet and seen someone holding a knife to Ashly's neck and Cecilia laying on the floor and a knife in her stomach and a gun shot on her arm I ran to her and yelled " CALL THE COPS AND AMBULANCE NOWWW!!!! " I kissed Cecil's cheek and carried her to my car then I heard another gun shot then I put Cecil's in the car and ran up to their apartment and saw Ashton laying on the floor bleeding and Ashly holding the gun and pointing to the guy that was holding her before and she pulled the trigger and BOOM!!! the police came in and arrested the guy for shooting Ashton and stabbing , shooting Cecilia and Ashly was charged 500 for shooting the man .

Authors note - this is my third not to good movella I'm horrible at writhing these why do you even read Theses we'll don't be ghost readers and like comment and fav and I know this chap was short and sucky but there will be more bye Chika's ;)

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