Plan B

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ jacobs didn't plan for this to happen. She did not plan for her father to sell her away to 5 rich boys for £10,000. She did not plan to fall in love with one of them. She also did not plan to get pregnant. At the age of 17, she planned to go to college, get an apartment, finish school, become a lawyer, and finally get away from her abusive father. When the boys take her in, she thinks this is a redo, until the man she finally escaped wants her back.


1. The Beginning of the End

Liz' P/O/V

I looked out the window of the red sedan, the moon just rising over the horizon. I looked to my left at the man I once knew as my father, driving me to some place unknown. I was hurt to say the least. Yeah, sure, my father hits me and abuses me, makes me hate myself everyday, but to sell me? Thats a sucker punch to the gut.


“Come on lizzy, don’t look at me like that. You know this is for the best! I don’t want you and you definitely don’t want me, so just suck it up and deal with it. Now, lets go over the rules.” He took a piece of paper out of his pocket once we reached a stoplight.


“Number 1! Never give my name and address. They only know my first name, not my last. Your new last name is Roberts, so that they don’t track me with the last name Jacobs.” He started driving again, glancing at the list. “Rule number 2, never talk back to them. I don’t know these boys, but they told me that if you step out of line more than 3 times, you're out. By out… I mean out. Like, dead.” I felt my eyes tear up as I looked at my short black dress.  


I felt dirty, Horrid for wearing this dress.

But, he wanted me to look 'nice'. I looked back out the window as he rambled on about the rules. A single tear slipped out of my eye as we pulled up to a big mansion. The big door on the front was white and the windows were big and tall. Your typical rich people mansion.


My 'father' got out and so did I. My black 3 inch high pumps hitting the pavement. I pulled down my dress as far down it would go, not very far. We walked up to the door and my father ran the door bell. “Coming!” someone yelled from inside.


The door opened and there stood a boy, about the age of 19, with short brown hair. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a plaid, button up shirt. “Good afternoon, you must be Edward. Is this her?” The boy asks, nodding towards me. “Yes, this is Elizabeth. We call her Liz though. I will just take the money and be going.” My father said as he put his hand out.


“Yes, I agree.”The boys says, digging in his pocket and pulling out a wad of cash, handing it to him. He grabbed the cash and started walking towards the car. “Daddy wait!” I screamed, running towards him. I grabbed his wrist, but turned and slapped me. I fell towards the ground as a sob escaped my body. He glared at me then got in the car, and drove off. I watched him fade away as the tears fell down my face.


I felt two strong arms pick me up bridal style. I clinged to the person as they brought me into the house, walked down a few hallways, and set me down in a bed. “Thank you.” I whispered, looking into his bright blue eyes. He nodded at me as he shut the door. “You're in my room now, so I’m going to sleep with you. Not anything else, don’t worry I wont rape you or anything,” He chuckled, “But this is my room, and my house, so I will sleep where I please.” He continued as he put on a pair of sweatpants.


He crawled into the bed and turned towards me. “I’m Louis by the way.” He whispered as I nodded my head. “Lizzy.. well.. its just Liz now.” I whispered back, a tear falling down my face. He put on a sad smile as he wiped it away. “I think thats a beautiful name.” He came towards me a little, wrapping an arm around me as I turned over. He pulled us closer so my back was against his chest. “Good night, Liz.” He mumbled sleepily in my ear. “Sweet dreams.”


A/N: Thanks for reading guys! This is a One Direction Fanfiction, Applause please, and Emma Stone is Liz By the way! Fav, Like, share, whatever you do, and tell me if you like it! Thanks!

~Kat xx

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