Which one?

When you go on tour with your uncle Paul (one direction bodyguard) never did you think you would fall in love with one of them and calum, niall, Luke, Ashton, michael and Harry all fall for you. Who do you choose?
(Sexual and violent content)


9. Your birthday

Your POV

It's been about 3 weeks since my argument with josh. Niall and I are still growing strong. He's been my rock these last few weeks. I'm 18 today!!

"Theres my gorgeous girl!!"

What did I do to deserve him?

"Hey Niall!!"

"I thought that today we could get to know each other abit more...? What you think?"

"Sounds good."

"Ok I'll go first. What is your full name and age?"

"(Your full name) and I'm 18."

"O... Wait what? I thought you were 17?"

"Yes... I was. It's kind of my birthday today bu...." He interrupted me.

"OH MY GOD! Why didn't you tell me! I could have thrown a party for you and bought you loads of presents!"

"It's not a big deal Niall..."

"YES IT IS!! YOUR 18!!"

Just then all of One Direction and 5sos came onto the bus with the all of the band. Well all of the band except Josh.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Asked Liam.

"Did you know if was her 18th birthday today?"

All of their mouths dropped and they looked at me. I gave a really cute smile to look innocent but it didn't really work.

"It's what!" Asked Louis.

"Look guys....it's no biggy... I've never done anything for my birthday, my parents were always to busy. I've never had presents either so seriously, another year without presents or a party won't do any harm."

At that moment an envelope dropped through the door. What? I didn't know who it would be from so I ripped it open. I recognised the handwriting.

Dear y/n,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're actually 18 now. It only seems like yesterday that we were 4 and 6 years old and we were arguing because i pulled a head of one of your barbie dolls. I wish I could spend your birthday with you. Mum and Dad may have forgotten, but I never will. You're the most amazing, beautiful sister in the world and I hope you have an amazing day and that the boys will do something for you. I love you.

Love Josh xx

I didn't realise I was crying until a tear dropped on the card, smudging out the word love in I love you. I need to talk to him. I agreed to the boys to throw me a party but I said no presents, STRICTLY NO PRESENTS. They reluctantly agreed.

I ran off the bus to the bands bus and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My brother sat at the table with a box of pills scattered across the table and about 5 in his hand. A picture of me and him was sat in front of him. He started raising his hand up to his mouth along with the glass of water he had. I couldn't move or speak or shout or scream. They were in his mouth. Without thinking I sprinted to the table and hit his back hard, making all of the pills fly out of his mouth.


"Of course I'm here Josh! I never wanted any of this I was just in shock and upset. I'm here and I always will be just promise me you'll never do anything like that again! You idiot I nearly had a heart attack when I saw what you were doing! I'll always be your sister. By blood AND by choice."

"I love you too sis." We were in each other's arms now. "Happy Birthday by the way." I laughed and so did he. I've got my brother back.

Josh's POV

I've got my sister back.

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