Which one?

When you go on tour with your uncle Paul (one direction bodyguard) never did you think you would fall in love with one of them and calum, niall, Luke, Ashton, michael and Harry all fall for you. Who do you choose?
(Sexual and violent content)


1. Prologue

I threw all my clothes into my suitcases not even giving my self time to fold them. I was so excited because today I'm going on tour with my uncle Paul and my uncle Paul is the bodyguard of one direction. I'm a big One Direction fan and of course a 5 Seconds Of Summer fan.

Once I zipped up my suitcase I put them at the bottom of the stairs. Bonnie, my dog jumped up at me.

"Ok bonnie, all I need to do now is wait until uncle Paul..."


"...gets here."

I got up and ran to the door and there stood my uncle. My uncle was a well built man, black hair and quite tall. I know I certainly wouldn't want to get into a fight with him. He could knock Dwayne Johnson out in one punch (Dwayne Johnson is a boxer).


"Uncle Paul!!"

"I've missed you so much! Are you ready to go?"

"I think so. I'll just go get Bonnie."

"Ok, I'll be putting your cases in the bus."

"Come on Bonnie! It's time to go!"

She let out a bark.


I heard an unfamiliar voice but I feel like I've heard it before.

"In here" I shouted to whoever was there. I looked toward the door and there stood the one and only Calum Hood. I was about to scream but I didn't want him to think I was just another fangirl so I contained my excitement.


"You must be y/n. We've heard so much about you!"

"All good things I hope!" He laughs. I just made Calum Hood laugh!

"Paul said to come and escort you to the bus."


"You excited then, princess?" He just called me princess. He's so sweet. My breathing gets heavier and I feel Calum grab my wrist from behind. He spins me round and our faces are about 2 inches away from each other. He looks into my eyes and starts to lean in. I don't stop him.

A/N hi guys so this my first chapter. Just a little intro. For those who don't know Y/N means your name so when you see Y/N put your name there. Bye guys! I'll update soon!

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