Which one?

When you go on tour with your uncle Paul (one direction bodyguard) never did you think you would fall in love with one of them and calum, niall, Luke, Ashton, michael and Harry all fall for you. Who do you choose?
(Sexual and violent content)


5. One Direction's band

It's been a few weeks since I've spoken to Niall after our fight. I have to admit, it is awkward on the bus at nights because none of the boys really know what to say.

I'm meeting One Directions band today. I'm excited.

Louis and Ashton have been my big brothers in this fight. They don't take sides, I think they just sit there and take everything in. I guess that's what you have to do being the oldest of the two bands.

I some how got on to thinking about my brother. My real brother. My mam and dad know why he left "but because I'm only 17, I wouldn't be able to understand" or so they said. My brother and I were like any normal brother and sister. We'd fight but then make up and spend time with each other and he'd tell me what to do if I ever had boy trouble. I love my brother. I still do even though I haven't seen him in ages!! His name is josh.

"Hellooo....earth to y/n." Liam was waving his hand in front of my face.

"Oh...um... Sorry Liam."

"It's ok. So our bands bus has just arrived so before they get here, Niall is here too so if anything happens just don't take any notice." I nodded in response.

Then, Calum walked in and hugged me. Then Louis walked in talking to Luke, Ashton and Harry. Michael walked in and tripped up on the step which made everyone laugh. Then Zayn and then Niall. Then Uncle Paul came in with the band. The band walked in and my attention wAs drawn to a young man/boy on the end. I carried on looking at him while Paul introduced us. Then Paul said

"And finally this is Josh the drummer..."



My suspicions were confirmed. This guy 'Josh the drummer' was my long lost brother, the brother who left me all them months ago and never said goodbye or gave me a reason. This boy who I never thought I would see again is my brother...my brother.

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